The core numbers in your numerology chart and how they are affecting you

The core numbers in your numerology chart and how they are affecting you

Numbers can affect your life in many ways and in particular, there are five types of numbers in your numerology chart that has the maximum effect on your life. These numbers are also called the core numbers because of their impact on the life of their bearer. These numbers act as the focus of your presence and decisions. Your mind subconsciously takes decisions that are dependent both directly and indirectly on the different traits and attributes that these numbers represent. Having knowledge about these numbers will help you to know about yourself. So get deeper insights into these numbers and discover facts about yourself that you had not noticed before.

These numbers are either based on your birth date or birth name. The life path number and the birthday number are based on your birth date and the expression number, soul urge number, and personality number are based on your birth name. Let’s learn about these numbers in detail.

Life path number

It will not be wrong to say that it is the most important number of all core numbers. Some people think it to be the most important number in the numerology chart! This number shows what your life is and how it can be in the future. It connects the past with the present and the future. It talks about the problems you will have in all wakes of life because even when the issues are avoidable they are not inevitable. If you have sound knowledge of your life path number you can find the obstacles you will face in life and how to resolve them even before you face them. This number will give you an intention and a purpose of sense. This number talks about the destiny of a person, how they are and how they will be.

Birthday number

This number is cherished by people who are bad at maths but like numerology. This is because this number is the easiest to calculate. To be honest, there is no need for a calculator too. This number is the date on which you were born, so it can be anywhere between 1-31 according to the Georgian calendar.  It is a common practice to convert the double digits to single digits in numerology but this does not stand true for the Birthday number.

This number dictates the natural ability and talents a person has. All the talents you may be blessed with can be predicated using the birthday number.

Expression number

This number is decided using the birth name that you case you changed your name with the preferred name, you can use either of them. This number is also called the destiny number because it tells about the strengths a person has and the challenges they can face in the future. You can have the digits from 1-9 as your expression number or the master number – 11, 22, 33. Each number has its own meaning associated with it. Take care that you always use your complete name while checking for the expression number.

Personality number

According to Japanese philosophy, each person has three sides. One which they show to the world, second which they show to their close ones and the third are how they really are. The first side which a person shares with the world is explored using the personality number. This number does not tell everything about your life, just what you share with the people around you.  This number is derived from the consonants of your name and the vowels are ignored. Use your full birth name or preferred name while calculating the number.

Soul urge number

This number is pretty self-explanatory from the name itself.  This number talks about the yearning and desires of your heart. This number is also called as heart’s desire number by many numerology experts.  This number is curated using the vowels in your name and the consonants are ignored. This number can tell all your inner cravings of your heart. It talks about the likes and dislikes of your soul. This number describes the real you, which is reserved for yourself only and you do not share with the world often.

The knowledge of these numbers can tell you a lot about yourself and open new paths in the roadmap of life. To calculate the numbers for yourself and learn more about your heart.