The compatibility of the Magician Tarot card

The compatibility of the Magician Tarot card

The magician tarot card signifies new beginnings in life. It gives you the message to be determined and use your full potential in life. It can signify that you have to become skilled and knowledgeable to achieve greatness in life. It represents power, knowledge in one’s life. It can also be a sign of new creation and development in your lives. The tarot cards when used for compatibility check can give different results. The compatible tarot cards of the Magician are :


1. The Magician and the Hierophant


The compatibility between the Magician and the Hierophant is very high. There will be a lot of similarities between the two. Both are representatives of freedom in life. Hence, they both will want to be free rather than being stuck in a place. They enjoy their freedom a lot, but at the same, there will be a lot of romance between the two as well. Both the tarot cards shows need for feelings and companionship in their life. But the relationship will be very exciting as well. There will be a lot of fun and excitement in the relationship. The problem that comes the most is due to some dissimilarities they have between them. Differences might make them feel disconnected sometimes. Due to which, they will get involved in a lot of disputes and misunderstandings.


2. The Magician and the Lover


The magician is very independent, while The lover is dependent. The compatibility between the two is very less as there is a lot of gap between the Magician’s and the Lover’s mind. The magician wants freedom while the Lovers are emotionally dependent. The fuzzy relationship will face a lot of issues as there will be issues in communication and romance as well. This is the reason, the relationship is so fragile and often breaks very easily.


3. The Magician and the Magician


The compatibility between the two Magicians can be very high. The relationship will be full of deep conversations, collaboration etc. They both have a very strong personality. Both are ambitious, determined and have intellectual minds. The relationship can sometimes face issues when their strong personality overpowers each other. They soon can develop a thought of competing with each other as they both are quite ambitious. These things can create issues in the relationship as both of them might get jealous of the success of each other. These issues are not so easy to solve and thus sometimes, the relationship can break if the jealousy increases.


4. The Magician and Strength


The relationship between the Magician and the strength is considered to be quite compatible. This relationship will not become a competition, rather there will be a partnership between the two. They will support each other to improve and achieve success in their life. They both can learn from each other. The hardworking Magician will be able to teach the importance of hard- work while the strength teaches them how to stay motivated and believe in themselves. The relationship can become impressive and can go a long way.


5. The Magician and the Hermit


The Magician and the Hermit do have a chance of being in a compatible relationship. But there will be a lot of issues in the relationship as well. But if they work upon each other, they can make the relationship work. There will be a lot of dissimilarities between the two. They both will find each other strange and some habits and thoughts might make them feel that they are wrong. But both the signs have the compatibility to develop a strong bond between each other. Because they can understand each other and can make them strong by their support. This is the reason, the two are so compatible. There are many different tarot cards and above are results of some of the important tarot cards. Some are compatible and some can be incompatible.