The compatibility of Sagittarius Rising with Earth signs!

The compatibility of Sagittarius Rising with Earth signs!

There is a sparkling chemistry brewing between the people on this zodiac and those who share the Earth element.

Sagittarius Rising has an affinity towards a Taurus:

People, who have recently witnessed their characteristic Sagittarius Rising, may find themselves outwardly attracted towards the people of the Earth zodiac. Especially it is the bull who has been keeping the frontal lobe of the person occupied. It is so because there is a clichéd romance between them that can even make committed people jealous. Their passion for each other is so prominent that the initial days they spend with each other seem like they passed within seconds. These two cherish the blessing of love the skies have bestowed upon them, and tend to keep it forever. Yet, sometimes they can drastically drift apart because of the fundamental differences they have. It might seem like the love is enough to keep a relationship going, but when two strong-headed individuals of the Sagittarius and Taurus zodiac will come face to face, then the fight can turn so ugly that it will sour their relationship forever. There is no going back once they lock horns. Some astrologers agree with this point and call it a couple who needs a catalyst for ending things and it may induce their separation sooner than later.

The person who is currently on the Sagittarius Rising, will not part ways from his/ her Taurus partner, but after the effects of the sun sign subside, they will feel like they have had enough of the cocky nature of a Taurus and they deserve someone who can read a book with them and not just go snorkeling. It is all a matter of time with this combination and no one can be sure about which path it will lead to.

The relationship of Sagittarius Rising with a Virgo:

The word that best describes the bond between a Sagi and a Virgo is 'Standard'. It holds such a reputation because the compatibility is neither too good nor bad on the cards, but like any other couple next door. You won't hear fights over your window but you will also not witness them going out a lot of dancing to random songs at night. They seem like they have been put together by a contract that demands not more or less than what is needed to carry a relationship. It is because of this, that they are never sure if they had made the correct choice. The man of this relationship is the Virgo, because of his controlling ways and professionalism, whereas the Sagi is the cute kid who needs to be looked after.

The nature of the person on the Sagittarius Rising will make it even harder for the relationship with a Virgo to sustain for a long period. The lack of understanding and rift upon whose fault was it will make them collide every day until they have a pretty huge outburst. Despite all these, if these two individuals are parents, they will function smoothly because their brain is wired to act for the common good irrespective of their issues.

Why doesn't a Capricorn get along with Sagi?

Being two different individuals of the zodiac calendar, a Capricorn will never have even a gram of compatibility with someone of the Sagittarius Rising. They tend to come together on an experimental basis because of the raw chemistry they witness in the initial meetings. Even though they don't have more than a handful of topics to converse upon, they like spending their leisure hours together to enjoy something they have never tried. The lively soul of the Sagi will make the old-school Capricorn wear street fashion and go dancing around, while the learned Capricorn will make them read some of the greatest collections of poetry.

If answering how a Sagittarius Rising and a Capricorn will fall apart, the needle will get around jealousy and insecurity. These two zodiacs will never understand what goes around inside the head of the other and take a little ignorance as a lack of interest. If they continue for long, then there be someone else who always acts as a cushion.