The Colorful World of Tarot Cards, and Meanings of Colors In Your Tarot Readings

The Colorful World of Tarot Cards, and Meanings of Colors In Your Tarot Readings

The colors around you have a huge impact on your life. The Tarot reading and its card, deep dives into this fact, so the colors of the card have a special meaning associated with it. Often people buy the most colorful pack of Tarot cards without knowing about the meaning of the colors and this may affect the reading associate with each card and the purpose of Tarot reading goes to waste. So, it becomes highly significant for any budding and even the expert Tarot Card readers to know about the meaning of the colors of the card for a more precise reading.


Let us see what the colors and the combination of these colors that are most prominent in the cards mean


White and its combinations

White in the world of colorimetry, that is the study of colors generally means being pure and innocent. White is associated with milk and hence the conclusion of being honest is arrived upon. The central figures in the deck of Tarot cards all wear white robes. Here this color is used to show unity and strength. If this color occurs in your reading this could mean that the relationship you have with your family will strengthen in the coming times and you will rise above all the problems with the unity you have amongst your group.

The white also occurs in many combinations. The combination of white with black is seen in many tarot cards. This shows the principles of absolute found in life, where everything is either black or white. There is no possibility of Greys. White with red shows that the person who drew the card is in search of passion or lust in life.



Black is often said to be the color of the devil and many people shun this color and avoid wearing it. Black also shows the absence of light where everything is dark. In the world of Tarot, Black means mystery. If the person who drew the card, feels lost in their niche, they draw a black card. In the traditional deck, not many cards have black as their main theme. The prominently black cards are Death and The devil. The occurrence of both of these cards is not a piece of good news.



This color is used to show the energy that radiates in the climate around us. Red could mean inspiration, energy, passion, and the blood that flows to create this energy. Red shows the passion to achieve the top life and the most depth of animalistic urges, like in the strength card, lions are sometimes colored red. This color can also mean fertility and mensuration if a lady figure is drawn in the color red.




This color of the sun is associated with all the elements of Air. It has a raw masculine and bright energy. Yellow is related to all the cards, where the sun appears as an integral part of the card. This color also means the superconscious a person wished to connect to. A direct connection to the higher authorities of the realm can be made using this color.


Out of all the main elements, green is connected to the biomes that surround us. Plants are of the color green as we know, and the tarot uses this color to associate our energy with that of the living matter around us. Green shows growth, depending on the card that this color is seen in, the growth could be in a relationship, in the vocational life of the person who drew the card. Green also shows growth in the life of the person or their mindset and overall is a positive card to draw. 



Blue represents water, which makes the majority of our planet and also us. This color shows the subconscious mind and the effect that our subconscious has on the way we live and be. Many figures in the cards are shown wearing this color. There is a reason why this color is used to drape these figures. This color shows the introspective view a person has. If this card appears in your deck, this means you need to ponder upon where you are at the moment in your life and where you need to be. 

You may get different colored cards with different meanings but keep an eye on the repeating colors to know what your spirit angels hope to tell you. Colors play a major part in our lives and while Tarot reading too. So, for more accurate results, these must not be ignored.