The Close of November and Changes for the Signs- Lunar Eclipse, Nov 2020

The Close of November and Changes for the Signs- Lunar Eclipse, Nov 2020

Brace yourselves as you’re going to enter the season of change! The beautiful month of November with its ups and downs will be making a grand farewell as it presents a full moon on the 30th of November, 2020- a Lunar eclipse. The full moon will bring with it a start to winter.

The Lunar Eclipse of November will take place in Gemini’s territory and the mutable air sign. This means it will fix our attention on communication and expressions. Eclipses are known to realign our fates and cause drastic changes to our lives.

So, let’s find out what the November Lunar Eclipse 2020 has in store for each zodiac.  


What the November Lunar Eclipse 2020 has in store for your sign:  



Yes it will be hard to know what the drama Lunar eclipse will reveal, but you need to express yourself under the light of the moon. Instead of wasting your energy on what awaits you in the future, realize that time is slipping away. Enjoy the present and live each day to your fullest. 



It is high time for you to step out of the burden, pressures, and stresses you have been carrying for so long, Taurus. Step into the present and relax while you enjoy yourself. With the changes this eclipse brings, it is important for the earth signs in you to feel safe, secured, and protected. 



This month brings you an intimate insight into your relationships. However, as the eclipse takes place in your sign, you will have time to reflect on your decisions and image. You will learn how to keep yourself before anyone else and listen to what your heart says.  



This Lunar eclipse will bring you the power to heal and to grow. So bask in the glory of its strength, relax and learn to take it easy, Cancer. You have been courageous for too long, facing repressed wounds instead of brushing them aside. However, this elixir will give you all the strength to heal faster. 



This fair moon will shift the spotlight to your group of friends, Leo. It will provide you powerful insights that will help you decide who is a real and part-time friend. Your trusted inner circle will begin to define themselves with their actions. All you need to do is surround yourself with positivity and people who support you. 



All eyes are on you now, Virgo. Brace for impact! This eclipse may bring big career changes for you. You will find good ways to gather important information and surround yourself with positive people. This eclipse will offer some helpful plot twists. Grab an opportunity as it presents itself in front of you. 



 It is time for you to do what you do best, Libra- balance responsibilities! It is an auspicious time for you to find a nice and healthy balance between your love for adventure and your responsibilities. The eclipse will present you with new possibilities so make sure to keep an open mind! 


The full moon will shine its light on all the emotional baggage you carry, Scorpio. However, don’t let that make you afraid. Instead, view this as a replenishing opportunity to clean your palate from the ghosts of the past to emerge into the new year with an empty bag and a wholesome heart. 



Although it is your season, don’t go around expecting people to read your mind. This lunar eclipse blesses you with the power to communicate, understand, and be fair with your partners. Love drama may persist but diplomacy will heal. 



You may have a busy and stressful month ahead in terms of work but you need to take a step back and relax. Take out some time for yourself, don’t try to do everything, and just take time to process change. 



The eclipse may bring with it some stressful shifts but the best way to face it is by doing what you love. Listen to your heart, be creative, be romantic, and do everything that makes you happy. 



Your sensitive nature must be protected from the changes of the eclipse, by building a loving and nurturing haven for yourself, Pisces. While you may face some family-related drama, trust your instincts as you are capable of getting through this!