The Chinese Numerology

The Chinese Numerology

Chinese people are very traditional and god-fearing people. Customs and old traditions still prevail in their daily life. And one among them is their belief in the power of numbers. Chinese numerology is one of the oldest methods of numerology and is completely based on the core Chinese elements of life. The Chinese believe that the five elements are the reason for any occurrence or events in the world. The elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

What are elements signify in the Chinese numerology?

The elements in Chinese numerology have very high value and they are respected highly. Every element of the Chinese scripts are linked with a specific number and holds various characteristics.

  • The wood implies creativity and linked to 3 and 4
  • The fire is known for its motivation and enthusiasm and is linked with 9.
  • The earth is generous and loving and is linked with 2, 5 and 8.
  • The metal resembles wealth and bravery and is associated with 6 and 7.
  • The water is an energetic and very strong personality and is linked with 1 also called the number of suns.

The five elements of jin (mental), mu (wood), Shui (water), Huo(fire) and tu(earth) are believed to be the foundation of the universe. They form the basis of the characteristics of the numbers they are assigned to.

Wood is meant for benevolence. It represents the noble qualities, fate, humbleness, brilliance, generosity and the pillar of strength.

Fire is meant for propriety. It represents power, influence, manipulation, bravery, ego, dominance, and strength.

Metal is meant for righteousness. It represents longevity, coldness, dangers, difficulties, headstrong and dead ends.

Water is meant for wisdom. It represents talent, food, importance, brightness, adaptation, agile mind, sage, and accuracy.

Earth is meant for honesty. It represents the status of people, birth, growth, stability, generosity, and care.

What are the Chinese numbers?

In the whole of Chinese numbers, 6, 8 and 9 are auspicious and 4 and 7 are unlucky. The sounds of the numbers are also the reason they are considered to be lucky or not.


This number is the first number of the system and according to Chinese people, zero is the new beginning. The number means a good start in the language. Zero is a very important number.


The number one represents neutral in this number system. It is neither lucky nor unlucky.  Usually, this number is represented by people who are lonely and will remain alone. This number is for loners or for people who will be the rulers of their kingdom of thought.  Number one stands for singles in China.


Two is considered a humble and good number in Chinese culture. They believe in the old saying of “good things always come in pairs”. Many top brands have letters of two in their names to bring luck.  Number two represents success, harmony, and peace. The number sounds like a word that represents easy to prosper.


The number three sounds like the word that means to live or life.  This number holds joy and it means the family is growing. This number is considered good and represents the three stages of the life of a person (birth, marriage, death).  This number in Cantonese Chinese sounds like “to break up with” which makes it an unlucky number for few people.


Number four is very unlucky to Chinese people as it represents death. Many lifts in china do not have this number or this floor. Four is considered to bring some kind of downfall for the family.


Five is a very important number as it represents one’s own self. It sounds like mine or me or my life. this number represents independence, stability, their own attitude, and the identity. This number also represents all the five elements which make it a very powerful number.


This number sounds smooth which represents the hurdle less path towards life. This number is considered to be lucky for business people as it brings a smooth fruitful path. It also represents prosperity and happiness.


Seven sounds like even in Chinese which makes it good for relationships but seven represents the seventh month of the calendar which is the ghost month. It is considered unlucky all over china. It also means the vulgar or aggressive nature of a person.


  Eight is a very good number for relationships, partnerships, and business. It is a number that represents to stand after a fall and joy. Eight is the number that all the numbers start within China. It is a very lucky and holy number of Chinese people.


This number is historically considered elite and holy. It represents loyalty, luxury, and longevity. It also represents power and influence.