Similar to western astrology there are twelve signs in Chinese astrology too. Each sign indicates a specific grouping of people that are known to possess similar characteristics on a greater level. These similarities will help in assessing their good and bad happenings equally and finding out the remedial solutions to maximum problems. While all kinds of astrology aim at providing the best of solutions to one’s problems, it would be better on many levels when a combined solution will be taken into consideration. Career is one of the most important aspects of one’s life that has to be taken proper care of. The New Year for many people starts off with resolutions on many things they wish to follow and at most times, career growth is a part of them. The continuing of resolutions may or may not happen always but a career has to happen no matter what. The growth is essentially important in keeping up with the race and to many, it is an indication of independence. All these factors motivate us to work harder than before and become better and best with time. For this, individual efforts supported by a good amount of luck are highly necessary. The luck factor is influenced by many factors, one of them being the influence of star movements. The movement of these stars is nothing but the astrological predictions that we discuss every now and then. They create a great amount of positive and negative effects on the people for which remedies are important. Chinese career astrology is a method that will create scope for much easier remedies.


The Chinese career astrology for 2020:

  • Rat – Being the Rat year, 2020 will not hold much favor to the people belonging to Rat sign. Career-wise, there will be a number of hurdles that will have to be crossed in order to face the best of successes. While the number of hurdles will not decrease, it is the strong will of the people belonging to the rat sign that will take them forward in their lives. The number of hurdles and opportunities will be equal for the people of this zodiac sign and they will be required to work their way out from this in a way they feel easier. Self-trust and extra care will be the guiding principles for this year for the people of rat signs. The strong-willed they are, the easier their goals become.


  • Ox – This year will be quite favorable for the people of Ox sign compared to last year. They will be impressive at work and will also receive a good amount of laurels from their colleagues and superiors. They will have to put in proper effort too to make use of the great amount of luck they are blessed within this year. The social relationships at work will get better over the year with colleagues lending a helping hand whenever necessary. This support will show a remarkable effect on the performance of the people of the Ox sign. On the whole, this will be a year of luck and favor which if properly used can be made the best of the times possible.


  • Tiger – This will be neutral in terms of luck for the people of the tiger zodiac sign. There will neither be a growth nor a demotion to lower positions for the people of this sign. They will have to focus more on improving their knowledge and expand all possible horizons to gain better knowledge. They will have to learn about the newer possibilities that have been introduced in their field of expertise and this must be put to use so that they can easily grow in terms of career. They should emphasize more on the fact that their incompetency and lack of skill will lead to their downfall in the coming future where there is a great requirement of skills and proficiencies.


  • Rabbit – People belonging to the rabbit sign will face a bad year with respect to career this time. There will be numerous hurdles to cross and many issues to face. But it is advised that they face this with a brave heart because this year and its happenings are not the ends of the world. They will have to maintain a good temper and stay from being indulged in unnecessary quarrels. This will reduce the number of unwanted happenings to a good extent. They will also have to take care of their expenses this year which may skyrocket and cause financial issues.


  • Dragon – This is a year of success for the people of dragon sign. They will succeed in whatever they take up. This will also require them to refrain from being hot-headed or filling themselves with pride that will surely cause people to move away from them. They will need support from all over to feel confident about themselves and express their knowledge in the best way possible. The hard work from the previous years has become much visible at the moment and this will be of a great effect if these people continue to work with the same down-to-earth nature. This year will reap all the hard work.


  • Snake – This year there will be a success for the people of this sign but at a much slower pace. A lot of active participation is expected from the snake which will ultimately give them the success they had wished for. They will have to take care of their lethargy which will be the distracting force this year. Moving away from lethargy will take the people of this sign a long way towards the path of success. A focus on every small step they take is also a necessity for this year.


  • Horse – This year will be a hard one career-wise for the people of this sign. This is majorly due to the influence of bad forces on the sign. The efforts will be more while the result will be much lesser on comparative levels. They will have to continue working to their best level but expect less from the situation. They have to remember that at a later stage they will be presented with better situations and thus focus more on the work than outcomes. They will have to manage income well and also take care of their finances better.


  • Sheep – There is a prone risk to the people of this sign. They will have to face many crises and decisive situations that might cause harm to career-wise. The hurdles that come along must be crossed very carefully and this will take a long way when there will be a need for supportive moments. They will have to keep up a close and proper relationship with their colleagues at all levels in order to maintain harmony. This calm nature will help in resolving most of the problems.


  • Monkey – The people of the monkey sign will have a benefitting new year and every step they take will give lots of benefits. In most cases, they will ask to lead the work of importance going on which will help them boost their leadership skills, something they’ve been trying for long. The leadership will be remembered for a long time and thus they will improve along their way. All the steps they take and every investment they make will be a success and result in a great amount of applause from all around.


  • Rooster – There will be a good amount of career advancement this year for the people of this sign. They will experience a hike in every aspect they wish to excel in and the moment they incline towards giving their best, everything will make its way to them. They will also have to maintain proper relations with their seniors at the workplace who will turn mentors this year to guide them along a path that leads to success and further advancement in many aspects.


  • Dog – This year will go much similar to the previous one for the people of this sign. There will be not many changes with respect to career and it is necessary that the number of efforts put in must not reduce to any extent. This will indirectly affect the success rate and growth. There might not be visible growth in all situations but it is necessary that the efforts should not be decreased under any circumstances.


  • Pig – This will be a year of success for the pig sign people with respect to career. They will have to make the best of every opportunity they encounter so that they will not be on a path of downfall. This year will also bring in monetary gains from growth in career to the people of this sign.