The Celtic Cross

What is the Celtic cross tarot card spread?

The Celtic cross is the most significant and ancient method of spread. This method of spread is very famous and is still used by many Tarot readers. The tarots cards are deck of 78 cards that hold unique and completely different meanings.

The tarot deck must segment that is used for two different readings. The 22 cards or the major Arcana are the key cards that are used. These cards consist of personality descriptors. The cards will give over a glimpse of the seeker’s true character and personality which will determine how the seeker would react to the hurdles in life. 

The second deck will have 56 cards that are divided into 4 parts which have 14 cards under each part. The 14 cards have 4 court cards or the superior cards which makes up the King, Queen, Knight, and page while the rest of the 10 cards are different from the 4 superior cards.

The ten cards consist of wands, rods or staves, pentacles, and disks. All the tarot cards have a significant meaning which will explain how the seeker’s life will be. All the cards are meant to signify one parameter or one characteristic on how the seeker will have to face life ahead.

When it comes to the Celtic cross tarot spread, it is a unique spread of cards or the position of cards that are spread. The seeker is made to select ten cards from the whole deck and the ten cards are spread in the form of a Celtic cross.

The Celtic cross is used to signify the future of the seeker. The cards will have to be shuffled and placed in the unique position and each position will indicate the future of the seeker.

How are the Tarot cards placed if they have to be ready for the Celtic cross?

The seeker is asked to select ten cards from the whole deck. The ten cards are then placed in a order of one, three, one and four cards in straight line while the last card is placed on the second card horizontally in the second line. So, the second line looks like a plus. The positions hold different meanings.

The Celtic cross spread is the most ancient spread that originated in Ireland. The spread gives a lot of information on the future and it is not advised to be sued if the questions are simple yes or no. This position is often used by the Tarot readers when the seekers cannot frame their questions and want all the insight they can get about their future and how they could cope up with the struggles.

 The cards are laid down in a unique fashion. They are placed in order when they get into the position. The second line is placed first followed by the first line and then the third line and in the last the fourth line. The placement of cards has a different meaning and unique significance.

The meaning of each position as it is laid down in an above-mentioned manner:

The first card is the card that describes who the seeker is. The unique personality of the seeker is described and his strengths and weakness. This card will help the tarot reader understand her seeker and his behavior. This card will be able to describe what the seeker seeks and wants.

The second card is placed horizontally on the first card. This card describes what crosses the seeker or what obstacles that the seeker will have is described. This card will be able to prepare the seeker to understand what is awaiting them in the near future.

The third card is placed above the first card and it signifies what is above them in their destiny and what is the fate that is written for them.

The fourth card is placed below the first card and it signifies what is below the seeker. The support and the backbone of the seeker is signified in this card.

The fifth card is placed in the first line and it signifies the past. That card describes what was in the past and how the seeker faced their past. This card explains how the past made what the seeker what he is today.

 The sixth card is placed in the third line and it represents the future. This card enlightens the reader on what the seeker should be expecting in the future and how they should mold themselves to meet the future. This card will give a glimpse of the success and new ventures of the seeker.

The seventh card is placed in the fourth line. This card describes the attitude of the seeker and how he would respond to the world. The seeker would have a unique attitude but this card would direct the seeker to have one particular attitude that would benefit them to attain success.

The eighth card describes the environment of the seeker and its influence on the seeker and their future.

The ninth card is the seeker’s dreams and hopes. This card analyses the true dreams of the seeker and this way the seeker would get better guidance to follow the true dream into their future. 

This tenth card is the last card of the seeker. This card gives a glimpse of the outcomes in the seeker’s life. This card tells where the seeker will stand in their life and will give an understanding on how their efforts and hard works will be paid off in the near future. This card will help the seeker to fix a goal and work on it.

Every card in the Celtic cross spread is interrelated and they support each other in driving to the final picture of the future. The first card is the center card that is the key to all the cards. Every card explains how the future is going to be and how the seeker will reach his true destiny.

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