All of us are aware of the Corona Virus which has affected the entire world. Everyone has the same question when will this end. Globally cases of Corona Virus have crossed the 1,90,000 mark and the number of deaths from this virus is also rising.

It is believed that Coronavirus was first found in a seafood market in Wuhan, China. It later spread to different provinces of China, the Chinese New Year helped in the transmission of the virus. People who had visited the market were diagnosed with viral pneumonia and the cause is said to be the coronavirus.

However, there have been contradicting studies that suggest that it had nothing to do with the seafood market. Investigations are being conducted to determine the origin and cause of this virus. Meanwhile, the virus has spread throughout the world.

It has been seen that Coronavirus spreads from person to person; there has been evidence of community spread as well. Community spread basically means people in a particular area are infected with the virus, and few of them don’t even know how they were infected.

The main symptoms of Corona Virus are:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

These generally start showing up in people within 14 days of when the people come into contact with the virus. In extreme cases, it can lead to severe respiratory problems, kidney failure, and even death. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s advised to see a doctor immediately.

It’s best to avoid people who have recently visited the most affected countries like China, Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. It’s difficult to diagnose coronavirus as the symptoms are similar to that of a common cold or flu.

So it’s best to take a laboratory test to confirm. The latest data confirms 4087 deaths from coronavirus but there is a little ray of hope as 64,385 people have recovered as well. Doctors and nurses have been working day in day out to help those infected. They have been staying away from their families to treat the patients.

People often confuse Coronavirus with SARS which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. There was an outbreak of SARS in 2003, in China it was over by 2004. The virus behind the SARS outbreak is similar to the coronavirus. Coronavirus is spreading faster and can cause severe illnesses.

There have been several explanations regarding the Coronavirus and its future impacts so there is an explanation from the astrological point of view as well. Brihaspati is a holy planet; it’s a lucky planet whereas Rahu and Ketu are often considered unlucky. These planets are complete opposites of each other, one signifies good luck and the other signifies bad luck. Brihaspati is considered a saint and Rahu Ketu are considered Satan.

Now we know what happens when a saint and Satan get together. A saint works for the betterment of the society whereas Satan works to destruct the society; it’s known to cause pain and troubles. Rahu is a hidden Satan; it doesn’t really show but affects the society by hiding and not coming out in open.

Brihaspati is pure whereas Rahu is impure. People are scared of Rahu; they don’t want Rahu in their horoscope.  Dawn is said to be the time of Brahspati that is why we can see people visit temples in large numbers early morning. They pray at this time because they believe this is the most auspicious time.

However, you will rarely see people visiting temples after sunset because that time is considered inauspicious. It is advised not to pray at this time because this is the time of Rahu. This can be seen as all the bars or places where unethical things take place open only after 7 and stay open till midnight. Rahu affects alcoholism as well as other illegal things; it also affects women a lot.

Rahu and Ketu are quite similar, they share the same identities. So if Brahspati and Ketu stay together, there will be fear in society, people will resort to lying and doing bad things. People will have to understand what is right and wrong, these are tough times so people should rely on their gut and take decisions accordingly.

After 24th January Lord Shani also takes his place, who is the son of Vayu. The task of Vayu is to spread things. If anything gets rotten then it becomes prey for insects, be it any vegetable or fruit or even human beings. These insects lead to infections.

Now as Lord Shani entered, these infections start spreading in the society. So anyone who breathes in the air gets infected as these infected particles enter his system so this leads to many diseases which in turn lead to fear.

The fear that comes when you are sick is very powerful; it can make you do things that you would have never expected. Whenever someone falls ill, they have this fear that they might die, this fear can make them really vulnerable.

This is also the reason for the downfall in the share market. There are only two things in the share market, greed, and fear. When a person is greedy, they tend to invest more in order to get larger returns but when a person is in fear, they sell it off to save themselves from any risks.

So if you invest in good stocks right now, you will definitely get higher returns. You can invest in the nine gems of India like LIC etc. You should always buy as per the movement of the share prices. Lord Shani has some effect on metals, so investing in metals right now would prove to be profitable in the coming times.

Aviation shares are also a good investment opportunity, even though right now the share prices of aviation industries are going down but they will definitely pick up in the coming times. Steel shares are also a good investment opportunity.

After 30th March Brahspati is moving to Makar that means its shifting towards Shani and leaving Ketu. Hence in some time, the impact of coronavirus will lessen. Chances are a vaccine will be developed which will help in speedy recovery and prevention of this Corona Virus.