The Cancer Love Horoscope for 2020: Love, Marriage and Compatibility

  • Ruling planet: Moon
  • Ruling element: Water
  • Ruling house: Fourth
  • Dominant quality: cardinal
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Lucky day: Monday
  • Lucky colour: Violet, Silver and White
  • Lucky gemstone: Pearl and Ruby


The Lover

As said, being ruled by the water element, cancers are definitely the adaptable group of people and they are very welcoming for the other people. They will take you into embrace and will understand anything that one might is going through. They are very patient and understanding. They will provide a lot of nurture and care under their vigilance. The cancer love horoscope also sways the likes of the nature of a Cancerian, therefore the love life has to be handles as delicately and sensitively as everything else in life, that is what the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 says. Hence they form a compatibility with a wide range of people. 


The Cancer Love Horoscope 2020 Overview

Well, the career horoscope of Cancer is taking a soar in 2020 for most part and the finances are going to pay off well by the end of midyear, so it was expected that the personal life of Cancerians will be taking a back seat.

But the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 shows that the love life of Cancer for this year is also filled with amazing optimism and therefore there are lucky chances that there might be a lot of up scaling that might be happening during this time around. Cancer people will basically tread with a lot of positivity and self confidence in them in 2020.

The position of Saturn in the opposing house of Capricorn will also will be appositive sign in the love life too. Apparently the position of Jupiter is also going to play a major role in deciding the goodness in fortune when it comes to love life.


The Interception


Wait is the most important thing when it comes to choosing someone you would actually want to date. For Cancer, as per the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020, they need to look out where their instincts might lead on to. They need to be open to particular signs and signals that some chemistry might be expected out of a person. There are prospects of marriage too, as per some changes in the dynamics of the relationship.


Well the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 says that you must lookout for your partner during this time. The Moon, your ruling planet, is treading along weak positions which are a slight risky in terms of career. Look out to need of your partner, do not just fancy upon your own whims, as might be your habit. Also make sure that you talk and resolve problems. Couples are going to face the problems, so why not just communicate in such cases.

There should be absolute patience and no procrastination when it comes to communication in a relationship. The love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 says that some important decisions are in your way, therefore choose wisely and take time. Talk it out mostly. Clarifications are necessary at the end of the day.

The Singleton

So basically, there are prospects that there might be air enough chances of a new love interest, an ushering love story and a possible relationship. Just make sure that you let the time decide things, do not take things into your hands and do not possibly fake it out. The love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 says that it is necessary that ample amount of time and communication is given to the bonding, to avoid any possible debacles.


Gender-Based Horoscope

The Cancer Woman

The love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 decides for the Cancer woman that her relationship is going to be pretty stable and happy enough. Some minor topsy-turvy might happen, but they are just for the spice. Some explications might happen depending on the basic emotions. Well, communication is the key here too. Trust and loyalty must prevail always.

The Cancer Man

Well the Cancer man as per the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 will make a bash for the emotions of others and therefore will surely be in a good shape. He will have his usual bouts of self confidence, but somewhere the opposite person is going to understand in a sure way. The Moon will ward away any shyness and lacunae. Communication forms an important step over here too. Opening up and forming bonds will actually help the case over here. Trust and loyalty must prevail over here.


The Marriage Months

As said, the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 also decides upon the fact that there are chances the dynamics of a relationship might change. The lucky dates of any Cancer man or woman falls in the months of May, September and November, the marriage day is lucky at Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while the ring ceremony is lucky on the day of Wednesday and Thursday. This might be the wedding of the year. So be ready!



The Cancer as per the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020 forms an unimpeded compatibility with the zodiacs Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus. Cancer people would fit in well with these signs, in terms of values, emotions, finance and love. The most important step for the relationship will undoubtedly be communication, patience and devotion. There is no problem that cannot be overcome.


Communication: The Highlight of the Cancer Relationship for 2020

As per the love horoscope of Cancer for the year 2020, in many of the cases communication forms an important step in the formation of an interpersonal emotional bond. The Cancers are ruled by the Moon and therefore lack a reality touch to a lot of things. Therefore they should bring in realism by communicating; knowing what is in the mind of the people that they are bonding with. There are no differences that cannot be solved with communication. So listen and then talk.

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