The Birth Chart: How it Originate And What Planets Signify In It

How did the concept of birth charts originate?

The universe has all the answers to the questions in life. since the time of early man, the stars and the planets lead the way. the constellations held a special meaning for those early men, and they could interpret the uncertain future to some extent.

As the rock age passed, the sages developed the subject of astrology from the gods. Vedic astrology has tremendous information which is used as a reference in NASA today. The stars above tell a unique story for every single person on earth. The positions of planets always played a significant role in determining the person.

The birth charts are the first step to be followed in the Vedic astrology. The birth charts say that every movement in the sky has an impact on the person. The falling comets and meteors, patterns in the sky, the drift in the constellations have an impact.

In the birth charts, the fixed bodies named the planets divided the entire constellation of stars into 12 prominent zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has its own qualities and personality traits. The planets which are fixed bodies are the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Even though the concept of following the stars started at the stone age, it was the Babylonians who created the zodiac signs and named them according to their constellations. They are the first ones to understand the importance of birth charts of everyone.

The Babylonians are the first ones to script about the planets and their impact on the incidents that take place on earth. The Romans took it upon themselves to elaborate on the astrology subject with a deeper understanding and more information. That was the start of the subject on stars and planets.

The subject of astrology is purely based on the birth charts and celestial bodies. But astrology also reveals tremendous knowledge on medicine, philosophy, health, and wealth. Over the years the ancient sages have scripted the subject in a very detailed and clear manner. It is extensively used today.

What do the planets signify in the birth charts?

1. Sun:

The sun is the strongest and the backbone of the entire astrology. The Sun stands for the person’s ego and reputation. The sun gives the soul to the birth chart. The Sun plays a vital role in all the zodiacs, but it is at prime in the Leo zodiac.

The Sun in the birth chart makes the person bold and dynamic. The Sun is meant to give immense strength and courage. The Sun in the birth charts symbolizes the royalty and elite. The Sun moves 1 degree each day which makes the sun to reside in one zodiac for almost 30 days.  The period of the Sun in the birth chart is the period of fortune and good luck.

2. Moon:

the Moon is also considered as the planet in the birth charts. The Moon controls the emotions of the person. Just like how the tides are controlled, the emotions of the person fluctuate because of the Moon’s position. The Moon symbolizes nature, comfort, and security.

3. Mercury:

The planet Mercury in the birth chart symbolizes the communication skills of the person. It represents the humor, logic, responsibility, curiosity, analyzing skills, rationality, and practical nature of the person. The presence of Mercury can be advantageous as well as disadvantages. 

4. Venus:

The planet Venus in the birth chart stands for beauty, lavishness, and luxury. The presence of Venus triggers romance and sexual desires in one’s life. Venus helps the zodiac to make strong moves according to their hearts. Venus can make the people logic-less at times.


5. Mars:

Mars in the birth charts represents the ferocious nature of the person. Mars brings out the masculine characteristics in a person like aggression, action, domination, determination, and anger. This planet makes the zodiac bold and active. Mars can be both beneficial and unlucky.


6. Jupiter:

The planet Jupiter in the birth chart brings fortune to the zodiac. Jupiter will bring intellectual qualities in the zodiac and make them philosophical. They will start behaving practical and will make wise decisions. Jupiter is the luckiest planet as it promises a good life and good wealth.


7. Saturn:

The planet Saturn behaves like the punisher as it bears the fruits of the zodiac’s karma. It brings sadness, depression, and distress. The Saturn will trigger the negativity in the zodiac and lead to misfortune. The presence of Saturn in the birth charts can be sad and unlucky.

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