The Best Kundli Matching

The Best Kundli Matching

What is Kundli Matching?

There are so many particular rituals in a Hindu wedding, which are both important and elemental fun for all the people adjoined at the wedding. There is Roka, the ring ceremony, then there is the Mehndi, the Henna ceremony, the Haldi, the smearing of turmeric paste on the to-be-weds, the song and dance occasion or the Sangeet. But prior to all of these is the most important of all, the matching of the Kundlis of the to-be-weds, or the Kundli Milan. Somewhere down the line this actually decides to some extent if the alliance is going to happen or not. So the Kundli Milan has to be the best.


Kundli matching is very important as the prenuptial ceremony to check upon if two people match upon their natal charts, which is based on their horoscopes and the aspects and the planetary positions. Kundli matching holds much importance in a typical Indian wedding, most importantly in Hindu weddings and South Indian weddings. Not only does Kundli matching become important in a marriage alliance, but it also holds much relevance in other types of associations such as business. Business partners have to go through this extensive procedure to see that they can work out the business in suited compatibility without any falling out, and whether the two hands coming together from entirely two different personalities will be profitable or the Kundli matching is the best.


The Vedic Astrology

There is always this piece of advice that going through an extensive process of horoscope making is a well-facilitated way before the actual Kundli matching happening. This gives the best results that are important during the Kundli matching. Vedic astrology is the most preferred way for Kundli matching. Vedic astrology will actually help in the entire process of prediction based on the date of birth. One might require a very competent Vedic horoscope analyst, or a very expert astrologer to help in this entire process. Nuptial and marriage alliances are very delicate, and hence the best methods of Kundli matching have to be kept in mind along with the most necessary indications that might lead to compatibility. The same amount does delicate nature does lie in the business ties. The important things that one might want to keep in mind include –

  • Your companion comes from a certain direction as per the astrological placements. Therefore knowing this direction might help a lot while in this process.
  •  The physical predicaments. How so ever the compatibility might match the external aura And personality become an important aspect in the entire game. If you cannot be happy after all, there might be no marriage after all
  • The nature of your companion, his internal demeanor towards things. If he can accept the little nuances, then it becomes acceptable to a large extent.
  • Financial compatibility. The nature of the jobs both of the partners do is going to decide this. You need to make sure that petty ego conflicts do not arise out of this, for the best kind of matching.
  • The relationship the partner develops towards one’s in-laws, or the amount of effort that one might actually put in doing so.
  • The amount of commitment that the partner devotes to the relationship. At the end of the day, one must not come with complaints of commitment issues.
  • The index of deceit. A good amount of lying is required to maintain the index of happiness in the relationship. But that does not surpass the basic lines of lying, that it becomes a habit.
  • The happiness that is involved in wedlock. There should be equal hands in consummating the marriage and it must not be one-sided in away. Two partners should not actually take the issues of the day to the bed.
  • The absence of a marriage yoga is after all important.
  • The timing of marriage also becomes very important.


Some Golden Rules for Best Kundli Matching


This house is the Kutumb Sthana and this is where the description of the parental lineage is seen. This results in the prosperity of both parties. The second house should be well affiliated because the second house if badly affiliated will make the alliance weak.



This is known as the Sukh Sthana, and it will help indicate the sufferings for the best matching of two kundlis. It must be matched so that the overall happiness of the nuptial alliance is not compromised.



This is the Kalatra Bhava Sthana and it becomes important that this house has an extensive matching for kundlis, so that the best alliance can be made. This house actually helps to evade negativity.



This should not be the only aspect and there must be more than this. This is the last step of Kundli matching at its best and therefore it must be done carefully.



This is the Shaiya Sukh or the happiness of consummating the marriage. This is important for the peaceful wedlock and the compatibility of sexual desires.