The best guide to know what’s going on in the mind of your Capricorn partner

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is that you always have someone to share your thoughts with. Being in a relationship with a Capricorn can be a completely different experience though. It is common for the partners of the Capricorns to wonder how aloof they are. Capricorns are all in for their discipline and ambitions and both of these qualities despite being great for an individual have no space in the world of romance. This star sign is ruled by Saturn which rues the financial sectors of a person and this again is unromantic. So it is not very uncommon for people who are in a relationship with a Capricorn to keep wondering if the emotional distant tendencies of Capricorn.

It is a general misconception that Capricorn is an unromantic zodiac sign. Capricorns can be very romantic and loving when they get rid of their general tendency of bottling their emotions.  They love their partners from every stand of their self, just do not talk about it, which they should! Let’s see what you guys can do to check what is going on in the mind of a Capricorn.

Have a word with your partner

They lack an understanding of communication, you do not so use your communication skills and have a deep conversation with them about how you feel. While dealing with a Capricorn, patience is the key so do not rush the conversation. The Capricorn does not have the nature to open up, but once they start talking it can be easier. Be patient and take baby steps to get the first words.

One option that many people do not consider is texting or emailing. Texting gives you both choices to not rush into the conversation and it will also allow you to articulate before you keep your point across. You can sit shoulder to shoulder and text. At times it is much easier to talk online than offline. The advantage of the screen is underrated. Since a sudden answer is not required as it is in the actual conversation it becomes easier for them to open up. Just make sure that you do not rush even in the online mode of conversation.

What if your partner does not open up about their feelings?

The game of emotions has set different rules for everyone, so, commonly, your strategy of patience and no judgment does not work. Do not blame yourself in such a case, remember it’s in their natal tendencies and this behavior of theirs is guided by the stars. You are trying to change their prewritten rules here.

It is only natural to feel at a loss for options to help. At a time like this, it will not be good if you isolate them. They operate and withhold their tasks out of fear. It will make them feel anxious and their mental balance will go haywire. They can shut down further and build stronger walls around their emotions. Capricorn values order because it gives them a sense of control.

Cap’s wish to have control and wish to implement the same rules in every aspect of their life. Emotions are just one of those sectors. If you poke a Capricorn too much about their emotions they will feel that their order is in danger and may even take drastic measures to maintain the order because they hate chaos by the very self of the word.

It is a popular conception that Capricorn is a repressed zodiac. Many people find no truth in this but in some parts, it is true. Since the Capricorns hate chaos, they lack the actual understanding of intimacy. They cannot be vulnerable. They feel that being vulnerable is a weakness in itself and do not exchange emotions in fear of that vulnerability. They try to find out the correct way of doing all the things and when the plans do not work out in their way; which emotions never do, they act out as being irritated or bottle out.

The Capricorns have the voice of heart, the only fact of the matter is they do not listen to it. It is always brains over heart for them. They value their mind more even in matters of love and that is why their partners get irritated. The shutdown phase of Capricorn is very hard to be around and for their partner, it can even feel like a punishment.

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