The Best Career For A Sagittarius

The Best Career For A Sagittarius

We have all been forced to decide what we have to become at a very young age. However, that is not always the career that interests us, or ‘made’ for us. According to experts, astrology plays a big role in deciding not only our personalities but also predicting our future, which definitely includes possible career paths. This article is going to analyze just a few of those for the sun sign Sagittarius. Let us first understand what this sign's personality is. People who fall under this sign are born between November 23rd and December 21st and are represented by a centaur called Chiron, who holds a bow and arrow. This sign is sometimes referred to as the archer sign.



The people who fall under this sign are loyal, trustworthy, independent, kind and extremely sophisticated. They are fun-loving, compassionate, and have a great sense of freedom. They love traveling, and risk-taking is like in their blood. Sometimes, they get annoyed easily and because of their dynamic personality, they always look for change. This means that they also get bored very easily. They are not the best people to work in teams with, because they love putting up their own show, and have a toxic sense of pride. They are great problem-solvers, and most of them have a spiritual side as well. But one thing a Sag cannot do is taking criticism. They believe they are the best type of people, and cannot do anything wrong. So when someone gives them constructive criticism too, they refuse to believe it and instead retaliate. On occasions this does not happen, a Sag is probably the sweetest person you have ever met. They can empathize with people easily, and love animals, too. However, this also means that they can be taken advantage of very easily, something the sign would never realize even if the person comes up and tells them.

If you know a Sag, you probably know that they are the most honest signs. The downside to this of course, is that they are a little too honest. They might come across as rude or even angry when a person first meets them. They make up for it by being an intelligent sign, who is very curious!


Sagittarius Career Horoscope

As mentioned above, a Sag loves change. They love traveling, and a world tour is probably their favorite thing on the bucket list. So the first and most apt career choice would be anything related to it. You could be a part of a travel agency or work for airlines as a pilot or an air host. You could have catering services on Cruise Ships, or be a part of road and rail travels. A whole range of careers is present in this industry today!

The second most apt option would be being part of the hospitality business. It is a natural draw for you as it allows your creative side to be explored. You could think of a catering business, or working for a hotel chain. If you feel adventurous, you could open your own motel or a shop too. The world is your canvas!

Speaking of canvases, you can also be an artist. Granted, it is difficult in the artwork to be recognized and attain fame, but with your capabilities anything is possible. If you are more inclined towards music, we suggest giving it a go, too. You never know exactly what you may find!

Your personality allows you to be enthusiastic, and you love uplifting others when you encourage them. Your hard work inspires people, and that is why areas like advertising or marketing are also good career options for you. If not, teaching is always the best thing for any Sag, as it gives you all the respect you demand from the world, and your love for others helps you perform even better. You could also venture into research, as it might lead you to exciting places and is something that you will never get bored of.

Your sign is also related to religion, and many astrologers believe that a Sag is the most religious sign of all. If you are interested in that kind of work, you could become a priest or even a philosopher. Theology can be a great area for you to work in.


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