Let us start with the basics first. We all know what are Tarot cards, and for those who do not know, Tarot cards are the cards that are used to ain the understanding of the past, present, and the future by forming a sentence and then drawing the cards and explicating the cards which were drawn. The tarot cards are further divided into two sets mainly being the Major Arcana (which deals with the karma of the human and the larger aspect of life) and the Minor Arcana (which deals with the daily aspects of everyday life). Today, we are about to talk about the Minor Arcana and the meaning behind cards.

Minor Arcana (fifty-six cards)

The Minor Arcana is segregated into four suits of cards that have their own element being fire, water, earth, and air (every suit is related to the element and has its own story) and are numbered from one to ten.

The Court Cards

The court cards represent the innumerable number of personalities we come across or meet in our everyday activities and are have their own elements.

The King

He rules over the court and his element is the fire element which means leadership, authority, and responsibility. He holds the power in the court even if he does not do the job.

The Queen

The Queen is ruled by emotion and intuition and her element is the water element which means she relies on intuition and gut feeling to guide her on to the right path.

The Knight

The Knight is ruled by communication and swift movement and the element is the air which means that the knight relies on on his speed of movement.

The Page

The page is the most inexperienced character and has a lot to learn and a lot more experience to be gained. They are ruled by the element earth and are the slowest of signs.

The Number Cards

Ace- Ace means new beginnings and rebirth, it is the first step to anything. So when an Ace shows up in the reading, try to interpret what kind of new beginning is about to happen.

Two- Two means partnership and duality, a balance in life. It means union of some kind, a relationship. It could also mean the potential to create something new.

Three – Three means a group or the completion of a phase. It means development and growth, with the startling realization that at times we need help to grow and develop it to our full potential.

Four – the number four represents foundation and stability. It means success and a strong foundation. It could also mean that to take a good amount of rest.

Five- Five represents uncertainty and basically means unwanted and uncertain changes, conflicts that may arise and do not worry, it is only a temporary setback.

Six- Six represents the endeavor to restore balance and the need to set everything back the right way. It represents our innate need to make everything the whole and the way it is supposed to be, and also our need for stability and a stable foundation beneath our feet.

Seven- Seven represents the faith and the way we conduct ourselves. It means the lessons we have learned and put into good use, every lesson that can be learned out of every bad experience. This number is slightly tricky because it does make us feel the need to act on the right time or wait to act on the right time.

Eight- Eight represents the positive change that is supposed to take place in life. It may be a major change, but at the same time it will be a very positive change. It means it is a hopeful number and means in taking charge and being an active participant in the situation around them.

Nine-Nine represents the final push, that final push we need to cross the finish line. It represents the transition and attainment, the finishing touches.

Ten- Ten represents the end, the ending of something larger than us. It means the end of the cycle or the final step of the process, the complete completion of the process. It also means the renewal of a new cycle.