The art of positive living

We all look forward to so many things in life, achieve our goals, working towards it and the horny is filled with so much uncertainty and happiness along with its ups and downs that we often forget to enjoy the phases we come across and start focusing only on the end result. It matters to the mind that the stress we put ourselves through is reasonable and worth every thought that comes in our mind. Whether we get ourselves through that situation and attain our goals or not our main aim should be costing on the inspiration and knowledge that we get through this journey.

What we can do from our end is to maintain a positive attitude towards the phases that comes towards us and our attitude which has to remain stable even in success and in failure.

One primary thing in our life should be the focus and everything we do should be handled with care and determination. Here are a few things which we can improve in our life to main a positive balance in our life to achieve a certain goal.

The mind should be your friend

The mind is said to be the most powerful thing of a person. You have all the abilities and the creativity that is needed to survive if your mind is in the safest place. Your life and the perspective to look at it can change once you attain control over your thoughts and the process of creating a perception. Once a person lets goes of all the validation and the feelings of being week and dependent he or she has the power to control everything around them and nothing affects them anymore. Because validating yourself means comparing your struggles and achievements with others and creating an analysis that won’t take you forward in your journey towards your goals and destiny. Let your mind be a happy place and not an enemy wherein overthink, anxiousness, and stress prevail. Nothing matters more than your mental and emotional peace and stability. Even though you feel like you are being pulled to a darker phase in your life and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, wait for it, work for it and you will surely see things unraveling and turning out to be an experience which you can use in other stages of life making you more mature and true to yourself.

Improve your surroundings

The main influence on your mind and body comes from the surroundings you live in. A calm and positive company keeps you sane and happy. You feel the connection and their energy and instantly make a decision either to stay or keep a minimal distance from them. You ought to choose what is best for you even if it comes to choosing your friends and workplace. Toxicity that creeps into your group should be removed immediately and a mindset of being focused and determination should be the key to sustain a positive surrounding around you, the place you live in, the people you live with should match your energy and there shouldn’t be any reason to shy anyway from that.

Life-changing habits

Let your habits be a catalyst for a better living. The time of the day should be utilized in a manner that you don’t regret any part of the day. The choices you have are in your hands. Whether you choose to read a book, cook something, draw on a wall, or dance to the rhythm of your heart nothing should stop you from attaining peace and harmony around. Once you realize the power of being occupied and that your mind is in constant focus and work creativity will be the best thing that will come out as a result. Developing a new skill, a new habit that instills in your tons of determination and focus will give out the best results and you will evolve in a better way. Habits that change the way you live shouldn’t fall on the negative side as it disrupts the impact of all the good habits you had formed earlier throwing every effort down the drain.

Stress management:

Managing the stress and influence of the hard situations on you should be one of the main things you need to focus on. The path towards satisfactory results and goals is never going to be easy as things will always come with a price. A price of your hard work determination, focus, and the urge to actually do something. Once you learn the technique of segregating the different tasks that you have in your hand and working towards them the way they are meant to be you are bound to live a hassle-free and effective life. That doesn’t mean you ignore the other aspects of life and be completely blind-sighted to things that has less relevance but deal with everything will equal importance and respect. Learn the art of self-talk. Where in your keep on motivating yourself that you are bigger than any situation in your life and you are meant to be a better person at the end of this struggle. Keep reminding yourself that this phase shall too pass and everything will resume the way they were before anything else happened. Keep your mind strong and head held high and strive towards your end goal and not focus on the negative aspects. If you think positively, the outcomes will not matter to you more.

Identify what’s going wrong, the negative elements of your life

Unless you start analyzing the root cause of a problem how are you supposed to eradicate it from the origin itself?  the elements of negative thinking include many things such as filtering, where you filter out all the positive things that have occurred, and would rather focus on all the shortcomings that have surfaced in your life. Then comes the blame game. You have a constant need to blame yourself and become this pessimistic person who thinks everything that goes bad is because of you and it’s you who should be blamed but it’s not that case. All of this is just absurd and should be stopped immediately because it is pulling you deep into a bottomless abyss that has no end and its just dark out there.

Try to analyze what’s good and what needs to change, we cannot change the beginning but can definitely change the end if we work for it and the art of a positive lifestyle needs you to trust yourself even though things around you are letting you down. Each phase has its own importance learn to focus on that and you will surely see a change in yourself.

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