The Aries Man : Career, Love, Traits and More

The Aries Man : Career, Love, Traits and More

DATE: March 21-April 20





POLARITY: Negative


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday

LUCKY GEM: Diamond


'An early bird catches the worm.' Who better knows this statement than an Aries man. An Aries man is an immensely hard-working and gritty man. He is the one who gets up early and makes it to the gym or starts working on a new project making sure that he is always early in his daily endeavors and sees it through completion. He is full of enigma, passion and fresh energy, he makes sure that he exudes every bit and parcel of the charisma he has to the external agents. Symbolized by the Ram, an Aries is always on with some bang on ideas, some infectious enthusiasm and always brewing with mischief.


An Aries man is not correctly a narcissist, but more a self-confident guy, who has the backing of the self-assurance that he has the potential to make through the rough times with beads of sweat and a smile on that face. Although they have their moments of vulnerability (on a general level who does not), so it becomes a responsibility too to take care of them in their moments of need. They are stubborn and pretty impulsive and may act out under pressure or emotions too. There decisions may get too tacky at times. They are contentious and argumentative, with a good amount of presence of mind and wit and a tinge of sarcasm.



The Aries man is the that bad boy that we all love to love secretly. This brings on an inevitable desirability quotient to him. He is every man in one, a passionate lover and a seductive man. They are very possessive and may even become overpowering in their moments of possession, that they may heavily be overbearing. The only problem with an Aries man becomes the overly competitive spirit. They would not want their partners to become the dominant person with the higher finances or greater responsibilities. They also might require regular brushes to actually incite the interest in them. This make it difficult to keep hold of an Aries man for a long enough time just like it is to constrain a ram. 



Just like the Ram, an Aries man has a fleeting sense of life. There is nothing in particular that they might call as their home. There is nothing homely about them. They are more of the open birds, or the open spirits running through streets, places and wilds. Although they will give enough of the safety and security to the other person that they are present with. The concept of home for an Aries man is very basic. There must be solid four walls, a sleeping place, a chair and just other gross amenities that will be his refuge for the time being. They do not tend to invest much time at home. Hence if you are thinking of a home with an Aries man, you might well want to reconsider the options. As a dad, an Aries is the man that children would want to be around, the goofball who planes the spoons of food to feed the child.



As said earlier, like the Ram, the Aries man lacks the required patience. Hence he hastes into whatever comes to his hand at the nearest moment. Sometimes this is to his advantage, that he gets down to work as soon as possible. But sometimes this might be destructive, like while working for the team or waiting for some very important instructions. They have the perfect entrepreneurial qualities and would be amazing in the stock markets where such gross decisions would require hastiness. They are energetic and enthusiastic at the workplace. They are hard workers and are always ready to pull up the socks and get down to work. An Aries man never fears to take the risk and gamble.