The Ancient History of Aquarius

People born from January 20 to February 20 belong to shy and quiet zodiac signs, the Aquarius. Aquarius born are very introvert but the most eccentric and energetic people. They are born intellectuals and deep thinkers. They love lone time and like to enjoy their own imagination and life. Aquarius comes in between two zodiac signs of Capricorn and Pisces. Aquarius has an ancient history behind its origin.

True characteristics of Aquarius

Aquarius is born to be independent and unique. They are very shy and quiet. But they are the best pacifiers and moderators. They can solve an issue without hurting anyone. Being alone most of the time, they come up with unique ideas and methods. Their ideas are mostly oriented to develop the people.  Like how the Aquarius star is used to guide the way for ships, People of this zodiac sign are also leaders and guiders. They create their path towards success. It is a scientific fact that this star is very bright and can be seen through the fog. Similarly, people of this sign are very clear about their future and ambitions.

The birth of Aquarius

Taking the 11th 30 degrees of the ancient zodiac circle of astrology, Aquarius comes in between Capricorn and Pisces. This is a fixed sign that comes after the winter and early harvest. It is a sign of a new beginning. It is a bright constellation in the sky which is named in Latin. It simply means the water carrier or cupbearer. This air element zodiac sign is represented to hold the weight of the water to quench the thirst of the earth.

This constellation has no big bright stars but is found near the region of stars which is often referred to as the sea of stars by the scientists.  A large set of stars in that region have names that are related to the sea like Cetus (whale), Pisces (fish) and Eridanus (river)

In ancient history, the star Pisces was considered to be the God Ea for the Babylonians. God is known to hold the overflowing vase which represents the destructive floods.  According to the Egyptians, god Aquarius dips his jar into the water at the beginning of spring for the Nile to bring prosperity all through Egypt. Greeks believed it was a constellation of simple vase pouring water towards the earth.

What is the famous myth of Aquarius?

Ganymede was a beautiful boy of the golden Greek days. His beauty got king Zeus’ attention. He abducted Ganymede and replaced Hebe with him to be his cupbearer. Hebe went to her mother, the Queen of Gods, Hera for mercy.  After a constant battle between the two supreme leaders, Ganymede was thrown into the stars. And Zeus made the beautiful boy immortal. He is the first mortal who became immortal according to the Greeks.

Ganymede or Pisces is in between the Olympus (the kingdom of the gods and goddesses) and the earth. He is the first mortal who knew what was in the heavens and gave that information to the common people. He acted as the messenger between the gods and people. He was also the star who explained the water cycle to the natives.

How is the myth related to the zodiac sign?

Aquarius or Ganymede is the star that was abducted for its beauty and made into a star of communication. Just like him, Aquarius born is noticed for his beauty or unique quality that makes them stand out. Ganymede acts like the messenger by carrying the messages and information to the common people. Similarly, this zodiac sign acts like the air, they carry other people’s burdens and help them.  Imitating the Aquarius star, even the people born under him prefer to be lonely and enjoy their lone time. They can blend in with everyone like the wind. They can change their true forms accordingly and be the one who everyone likes.  The wind is quite like the shy Aquarius born but when the wind picks speed, it is unbeatable. People who belong to this zodiac sign are just like the wind. They carry messages, emotions of others. They are vital in a group like the air. The stronger the challenge, the stronger the Aquarius becomes.

Even though Aquarius has air as its element, people under this zodiac are not recommended to do any activity related to the air like paragliding, parachute jumping, etc. It is said that they won't be able to control their inner core element and might endanger themselves.

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