Numerology is the study of numbers between the number and a coinciding event. It is the relationship between the both of them, the value of the number and the relationship between the number and the event. Numbers form the basic key to the whole theory and concept of numerology and it is believed that there is a moment for every event that occurs from the birth of the individual to the death of the individual.

As I said that numbers form the basic units of numerology, numerology assigns numbers to human behaviours and how the planets influence and affect the individual’s life, and each of these planets are assigned a number. As soon as the individual is born, this individual is ruled by a planet and the position of the second planet is ruled by the numbers assigned to each of these planets. The individual and the dominant personality traits, the reasoning, the likes and dislikes, health, almost everything is governed and ruled by the number allotted to the individual.  

So, what are the benefits of numerology in your life? 

Numerology helps you in making the right decision. 

The readings done through numerology help in making the right decisions and choices in your life and for you. Often, we are confused on how to go about a decision and how to move ahead or choose the right choice or option that is best suited for us as individuals. By choosing the path that best matches with our chart made or drawn up by the numerologist, we can make our life much more satisfying and comfortable. Not only that but it also makes our life much easier to live in and helps us have to face the least number of difficulties in our lives. 

With the help of Numerology, it allows us to gain a deeper insight on who we are exactly. 

The life path number in numerology tells us our dominant personality traits, our strengths and weaknesses, the hardships we may face during our life time, the happy times we may face during our life time and so on. It also tells us the career choice we should make, and the best way to lead our life. Numerology helps us plan our lives accordingly and also makes us live the best life we can live.  

Numerology improves our relationships and helps us in getting better at them. 

Numerology helps you to understand the needs and desires of your loved ones by knowing what exactly they want from you helping you to understand they needs from you as a person and the relationship you share with them. Numerology also helps in throwing light on how you are as a person in the relationship and how exactly is your nature during the course of the relationship you share with them.  

Numerology helps in growing your business and even your career goals.  

Numerology helps you in choosing the right choice for your business investments and deals, as well as the name for your business, the office, the products and everything else associated with your business. It also helps you in gaining the experiences you would have gained previously. Numerology helps you in achieving your career goals and just helping you be successful in your career path.  

Numerology helps in understanding the purpose behind your life and more specifically, the aim you need to have in life. 

A numerologist will be able to help you make you understand the purpose behind your life and more specifically, the aim you need to have in life. This is done by calculating the life path number and knowing all your weaknesses and strengths, the personality traits and many other aspects in your life. This helps you also gain clarity of you as an individual and your aim in life. 

Numerology also helps you in choosing the right choices. 

Numerology helps you choose the right choices in life and this is done by calculating your destiny number. Your destiny number helps you in choosing the right choice be it ranging from a relationship, whether it is the right time to get married, if it is time for you to change jobs, do what you like, cut off people from your life and so on.