Work assignments over assignments. Deadlines creeping in. Stress level? Maximum. You are extremely stressed out and now, you just can’t get new ideas for the new projects that are coming up. And you need new ideas, pronto. That’s when you start despairing that you may have lost your creative genius and, in that process, lose your job as well. Stop freaking out and being overdramatic because you have not lost your creative talent, your brain or rather your brain juice is completely depleted and needs a much-deserved break from all the hustle you have been doing currently.

So, let’s get started.

Tip One

Get some sleep. Actually, scratch that, get a lot of sleep. Your brain needs to rest and take a break and sleeping will just provide that. If you are going to argue and say that I have a lot of pending work to complete, then let me remind you that without decent sleep, you are going to be working like a zombie, that is, working robotically and mindlessly without a brain. That also means your walk performance goes down the drain.

Tip Two

Get some caffeine in your system. Coffee, tea anything. I’d advise that you would walk towards cafe but with the pandemic going on, let’s limit the distance to your kitchen. Though the Dalgona coffee trend is old, you can always try that again and exercise your arms a bit, your shoulders as well. In that process, you will be thinking of something else as well.

Tip Three

Inspiration. Sought out inspiration from anything and everything. It could be social media, scroll through all your Pinterest boards, it could be Instagram- scroll through you explore and it could be even Facebook. Look what outside your window, look up to the sky, look down onto the ground, just look, you never know when inspiration could strike and light up the bulb in your head.

Tip Four

Learn how to cook. Obviously, if you already know how to cook, then you can learn new recipes. You already know how therapeutic slicing and chopping up vegetables (imagining it’s your boss’s head) can be. During the dicing and chopping, your mind is diverted and you end up relaxing your shoulders. And if you are new to this whole thing, try making simple and basic recipes which will make you concentrate on other things other than your work.

Tip Five

Daydream. We all know how to daydream. Don’t tell me that you don’t know how to daydream. And if you really don’t, what on earth were you doing with life? Daydreaming is one of life’s simplest and easiest things to do. Daydreaming helps you not think about work and you tend to relax unconsciously, and the strain is gone, and slowly the fog in your mind clears out.

Tip Six

Exercise for a while. Yes, exercise. A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa. Exercising help you release endorphins which make you feel happier about yourself and much more positive and are very similar to morphine. It clears your brain and stretches your cramped-up muscles. You lose the tension weighing on your shoulders and neck and feel much, much better. You feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world, or rather your work. You could even stretch for a bit. It will make your muscles all loose and make you feel much, much better.

Tip Seven

Take a hot shower. This may sound stupid, a complete waste of time and not make sense but trust me, it works wonders. It loosens you up and clears your head. It completely clears your mind and you are bliss for those ten minutes. After that, you will feel much refreshed and will thank me later. Your brain will thank me as well.

Tip Eight

Browse through your old ideas. You may get new ideas from them and can always improve those ideas. You will see where you went wrong and the different ways you could improvise it. Old ideas could serve as a foundation for the news ones and inspire you to come up with much better ones.

Tip Nine

Change your surroundings. Change your scenery, if you were sitting and working in the hall, go to your dining room, and if that doesn’t work out, your bedroom. There’s the kitchen, hell, even your bathroom! Change of scenery reloads your brain a bit and allows you to work with a renewed perspective. Why, sit in your balcony too, get some fresh air, and what not! As long as it’s different from where you sitting and working, it will do just fine.

Tip Ten

Start over, all over again from scratch. Yes, the project that’s giving you trouble. Maybe, you are missing something out, something’s lacking and you could always go with the flow and see where it leads you. If you don’t like where it leads you, scrap it, improve it, brainstorm over it smartly. Yes, it is not easy, it could get under your skin and get extremely annoying, but you can do it. You know you can. Figure out what is going wrong and solve it.

It’s not easy to do all

this as well, because you have deadlines, and deadlines are going to be met by themselves. You have to work your ass for it and well, it is no easy work. You know it. But the fact remains that without taking a break, or even giving yourself enough time to breathe, you are going to exhaust yourself and honestly?  You aren’t going to get new and better ideas by working yourself to the ground. Take it easy and stop stressing, and overthinking about the whole thing. The more you overthink, the more stressed you get and the more frayed your ideas get. You just end up wasting more time that could be used as a break and could come up with much better content.