Temperance- The Card Showing Right Path Towards Peace

Temperance- The Card Showing Right Path Towards Peace

Placid Temperance!

 We need to maintain egalitarianism and equanimity in this so busy life and to face various challenges in life we need to think from a very halcyon mind. If you are standing between the three roads and confused to select a path for then believe in Temperance Tarot Card. This card is a pure symbol of bliss, energy and also tells about parallelism in life.  Temperance is symbolized by an angel who is strong and feminine, this angel shows an equipoise between the water and earth. The one-step of the angel inland tells us to believe in yourself and another step into water tells us to flow with the water realizing the importance of equivalence in life.

It is important to maintain correspondence in your life,  Everyone is not able to understand this and forgot to find composure and stability in life. The temperance reminds you to make your life flow with a smooth and correct path, it helps to Channelize the energy in the right way without disturbing your mental health. If you are dealing with a very harsh situation in your life then you must not forget your beliefs which tell you to be brave and choosy in your life.

Opinionated Temperance!

Reading this tarot either tells you to be a highly controversial or opinionated person in your life, things change and so does our thinking. We cannot hold something for a long time and we have to face it without smartness. A Temperance tarot card gives you a clear path to choose from all puzzling options. Avoiding a situation that makes your stability weak and increases your arrogance is the best way to fight something very challenging in your life. Spread isolation, harmony, and try to unite yourself with others in full cooperation.

It says that if you work you'll not be able to reach success, in between a lot of things will come which will demand support. So according to this card unity will lead to an unruffled life, and moreover with togetherness, one can easily double the combinations of skills and energy. Temperance is a guide that tells you to take self-care by being so open-minded and pontifical in our life.

Blends to make Perfect

The most wonderful thing about Temperance is that it tells you to mix and blend different things around you so that something new and useful can be created. This will bring serene to your life and adapting different things will make you smarter and experienced in your life. Dramas and anxiety in our life make things worse and we don't care about health and state of mind, but this figure is a sign of bright energy which is leading in the very right direction. Temperance is unaffected with all this mess and chaos in life.

Self -control

Jealousy, insecurities, failure, looseness, greediness, all these things are a part of human nature and come along with us our whole life. So how to control things? Simply the Temperance says to maintain your self-control and discipline. If we understand the art of self-possession in our life then we can win our life forever. The things which are done wrong can be handled by our power of self-control, the reading of temperance reminds us to keep your hand on self-control. Be your own boss and not let these melodramas rule your life, think twice before you step into something big.

This card shows up in the situation where we need to be sangfroid and relaxed, the over bursting of emotions and feelings will make your control lose. In this situation, we need to choose between resolve or dissolve, also this time temperance shows up.

Temperance steps towards relief

There are various methods which can bring good relief in a life which are:-

Firstly we can analyze our past and present, making a quick report of output and input will help us to know our mistakes and advice to bring a change In your life. By estimating this we can know where we are lacking in providing self-time and where we are not getting equal happiness.

Restore your sense of wellbeing, this can be done by making yourself familiar with natural elements which are fire, air, water, and earth. Walk on green grass and experience the beauty of it, enjoy a warm fire in winter woodlands, shower your emotions in water by taking a bath.

All these things will make your soul so calm and you will feel a very strong healing the energy in your body.