Being a Taurus, you are born between 21st April and 21st May. Since you belong to the element Earth, you are a very practical person by nature. You are pretty ambitious and determined to achieve your goals. You are known to be pretty stubborn but with proper insight into your personality, one gets to know how reliable you are. Your ruling planet is Venus which makes you very beautiful and artistic. You are good to have around and prove to be good friends as well. You can be soft and feisty at the same time. The different Taurus personality traits give an insight into the most reliable zodiac signs.



You like to have a life full of luxuries and enjoy comfort in life. You will always prioritize pleasure over everything else. Your looks will be up to date no matter what. Everything associated with you, be it your home or the fragrance you use will be rich. You will want the best thing no matter what.



You have a very slow life and you enjoy it. You are normally late to finish work as well. However, the main reason behind this is the fact that you like to think deeply about the smallest of your move. You will want to analyze everything before taking any step and this is what makes you extremely stubborn. You will be clear about whatever you want to do and no one can question you.



You do not shop out of necessity but simply for pleasure. You do not have a predefined list, you keep buying what catches your attention.  You can spend the whole day looking and browsing through your favourite shops. For you, shopping is an extremely serious business and not everyone will be able to keep up with your pace when it comes to shopping.



You are extremely professional and what makes you different is your patience, reliability and very thoughtful nature. You will be considerate about the smallest of the details and complete the most important project with perfect accuracy. You are the perfect person for major projects. However, your extreme concentration makes it impossible for you to multi-task. Hence, you are advised to finish one project before starting a new one. You adore money and therefore, will work very hard in order to gain work credibility. You will be a very faithful and reliable worker.



Planet Venus is your ruling planet, you are pretty romantic and are not shy to showcase your love towards your partner. Since you like stability and reliability, you will not fall in love with anyone easily. For you to fall in love, your partner needs to be extraordinary. It is very difficult for you to trust your partner. However, once in love, you will be the most loyal and loving partner. You will tend to be in a long-term relationship at all times.



You are a very logical person and that is why most people approach you for advice. You are filled with common sense and also very reliable. You suggest a calculative approach in order to resolve anything. All these traits of yours make the people close to you to approach you at the time of distress and when they want to take some major decision in their life. Your dose of logical solutions makes it possible for these people to come with a solution to their problem.



You are a natural leader because of your most important trait of understanding others easily.  You have amazing observation skills and you solve problems by taking calculative decisions. You are a very realistic person and know how to see facts and then deal with them properly. You can easily understand the complex problems and judge which person is most suitable for a particular project.



When it comes to working, you are one of the most reliable employees. You are pretty focused and determined when it comes to working. You know how to stand out from the crowd and leave your mark. You will do everything and anything to complete your work with perfection. You are pretty consistent and tend to complete everything properly.