Taurus Man and Cancer Woman - Compatibility

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman - Compatibility

Astrology plays a very important role in understanding the compatibility between two people. An astrologer, along with the help of your zodiac signs and birth chart, can help you understand how well you and your partner get along. In Hindu culture, right before the marriage of two individuals, a ceremony called the Kundali Milan takes place which does exactly that. If you are a Taurus man or a Cancer woman, read on to find out how compatible you two are, according to the stars and the planets.

But First, What Are Their Personality Traits?

A Taurus man adores luxury. He is extremely lazy, and not completely independent. This means that it is not easy for him to let go of toxic situations. However, he is definitely a hopeless romantic. He will bring his partner flowers and champagne, and sex with him will be exciting. He is a calm and logical individual and you can always count on him during dangerous or difficult situations. However, he is extremely stubborn and does not let go of his ideas and motives. Not many people can convince him to do something he does not like. He is a little bit of a narcissist and loves dressing up way too often, but he does not splurge money and always achieves whatever he puts his mind to. Plus he can cook!

A Cancer woman, on the other hand, is extremely emotional, to say the least. She is nurturing and caring, commonly known as the ‘mother’ of all signs. Her ability to listen to your problems is as good as her intuition, which is very apt. It is her 6th sense, and if she says that something will go wrong, IT WILL GO WRONG! She loves the idea of settling down and nurturing her own family, whom she will protect dearly at all costs. She is creative, and a free spirit. No one can tie her to things she refuses to bow down to. However, she can sometimes be a little too emotional and does not adapt well to changes. But she will take good care of you!

Compatibility Positives:

A Taurus man is lovable, romantic, and kind, whereas the Cancer woman is loyal and nurturing. This match is “made for each other’ kind! Both these signs understand and value family, and can thus make an extremely comfortable home for themselves. While the Cancer woman has a lot of mood swings, her man’s patience balances it out quite well. Both these signs are highly sensual, and the sex is beyond amazing. They are both extremely satisfied with each other and support each other financially and emotionally. Sometimes a Taurus man may try to hide his emotions, but his partner can see through this site and understand him without words. This is what makes their relationship extremely fulfilling, and the minute he falls in love, the Taurus man makes everything his love dreamt of come to life. They trust each other and can relate to each other's likes and dislikes, making them a fun and long-lasting pair.

Compatibility Negatives:

A Taurus man sometimes does not understand the meaning of ‘space’ and can come across as a little too pushy. This is true especially in matters of marriage or attention. This could cause some problems in the relationship, as a Cancer woman does not like being told what to do. However, fights will quickly resolve when they both see their home being disrupted because of anger. They are also a little too consumed in each other and forget about the rest of the world making them an extremely non-social pair. Other than that, this relationship will sail smoothly.

A Cancer woman and a Taurus man are the most ideal partners when it comes to long-term relations and marriage. They both are similar to each other and can understand what the other wants to say without difficulty. Problems might realize due to the sharp tongue of the Cancer woman, who is prone to mood swings and anger issues. A Taurus man is not used to such behavior, and he will definitely not expect it from his partner. Therefore, it will be hard for him to be patient and understand her. However, such problems can be solved once both of these signs have completely understood each other and have seen the worst parts. Understanding and patience is the key to success in this marriage! We give this pair a 90 percent compatibility score.