Taurus Love Horoscope 2020

Taurus Love Horoscope 2020

Taurus, this year your Love Horoscope looks good and hopeful you guys. The planetary transits through different houses and zodiacs throughout the year give a hint about what aspects of your relationships are going to get influenced and how it will affect our personal lives.

For Singles, this may be the year that you find your soulmate. And those in relationships might find having greater depth and satisfaction in their partnerships. There seem high chances of engagements, and some might even take that one step forward towards a new union of marriage.

Let’s see what important planetary transits are there for this year and how it will affect your love life.

Beginning and Middle of the Year

Venus, the goddess of love and relationship presents itself in the 9th house of your zodiac at the beginning of the year. This may bring new romantic endeavors for the Single Taurus and for those in a relationship, it may surface the opportunity of you guys getting engaged and considering marriage. Partners will be quite supportive of each other, you will find yourself happy and lucky to have them in your life.

Mars also enters your zodiac during this time, which will have its effects on your married life. It may bring some auspicious news indicating a more sweet and satisfactory life. Along with that, Jupiter will move with Saturn, during the last days of March, bringing favorable changes in your love and personal life.

There may be some unexpected social meetings, which asks the singles to experience new romantic proposals. If there are any disputes and differences with your partner, try not to engage in any sort of communication gap, as Saturn and Jupiter move in retrograde. Be clear in your communications so that there’s no misunderstanding. You might also take advice from someone close that you trust. A close friend, an acquaintance, or family member, but just remain a little cautious. The planetary alignments also indicate deep changes that may occur within you.

You will find yourself regaining your self worth and confidence, which will further support you in maintaining strong and meaningful relationships. Your partners may also appear somewhat aloof and emotionally distant during late March or early April. Try to stay balanced. And if there are some important decisions to be taken regarding your relationships, be wary, and try not to hurry. Trust that it will take some time to resolve and you might see some positive changes somewhere after summer. You would have to make some efforts from your side during the middle of the year.


Endings of the Year

Rahu and Ketu enters your zodiac around the month of September.It indicates a rough patch and will ask you to proceed with patience and wisdom. Rahu will create some confusion and agitation in your love and married life. If there’s a need to make some important life decisions during this time, try to understand the situation of your relationship first, and then take your time before jumping into any conclusion. In a way, it also makes a key time for you to make appropriate choices regarding your love life, new commitments, and changing your priorities.

Ketu will also create some difficult circumstances in your married life. Thus you need to be extra careful and patient with both yourself and your partner. Ketu also causes some sort of detachment. Hence, by being aware of that event, you can take this as an opportunity to step into your partner's shoes and understand their point of view. It will help you build a strong understanding of your partners and figure out the necessary steps to be taken.

The end of the year will feel like a fresh breeze after these heavy Ketu and Rahu periods. In November, Jupiter will move back with Saturn, and things will start to get a little better and light. Situations might begin to run again. Your love life will pick it’s pace up and your relationships will seem to move forward from initial chit-chatting to something deeper and meaningful. Also, there’s a high probability of marriages being consolidated.

Overall, this year seems pretty blissful in regard to your love life and you’ll have a good time.