Taurus Horoscope 2020

Zodiacs and Horoscopes are matters that have a stroke the interest of astrology lovers from the beginning of time. Reading zodiac or sun-sign prediction has been the most mainstream form of astrology that takes you to the realm of astrology in a much more simpler format. Zodiacs talk about the alignment and positioning of stars that form a constellation, these group pf stars when figuratively translated they from Zodiacs. These Zodiacs can help in understanding the personality of a certain individual along with their future predictions. Zodiac can also advise on the activities of a year and how you should proceed to it. The colors and the elements associated with the Zodiac can also help in understanding astrological signs better.



Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac list. Its constellation span in the zodiac wheel is 30 degrees to 60 degrees. The year timeline through which the sun transits the Taurus constellation is from April 21 to May 21. It is symbolized by the Bull. This Zodiac was first originated in the Mesopotamian’s time where they called the constellation “the great bull of heaven”. Taurus constellation is Venus ruled and the element assigned to the Zodiac is Earth. The element frames a lot of the Zodiac’s personality, the Earth makes the individual more stable and patient. Taurus born is the anchors in any social group as they hold it together because of their honest, trustworthy and drama-free nature.



The directive planet which will rule the constellation in 2020 will be Venus and this predicts success in the horoscope reading. The 9th house  which indicates foreign travel in the horoscope of Taurus will also witness some significant positive changes. Five powerful planets will be ruling the Zodiac constellation in the course of this year the 8th house of Taurus indicating sudden events will remain in good profit so it is advised that the Zodiac Born should heave out of their comfort zone and capture the new opportunities.


In January 2020 the ruling planet around the constellation is Saturn this might bring some hardship and downfalls for Taurus. Some negativity in the professional field might enter the realm of the Zodiac’s horoscope readings but one cannot be discouraged at the beginning of the year because by the beginning of February things will be under control of the individual again.


From February 8th to March 22nd of the year Mars will be transiting the constellation of Taurus and affect the 8th house, this can either indicate an unexpected gain in money or ancestral property but for some individuals, it might also announce an accident in the horoscope. So it is advisable that people might be careful and take necessary precautions rather than jumping into temptations.


The fifth month of the year will again embark on the deteriorating effect of Saturn on the constellation which will indicate a lapse in luck in the workspace for Taurus. At this time the Zodiac born might feel all over the place so it is highly advisable that they sit back and relax not stressing over their work life. “Go with the flow” is the moto. If the effects continue to thrive consulting an astrologer to alter the effects should be considered.


This year till August Taurus born should keep their expenditure in check as the horoscope indicates loss of money through the spontaneous decision. This year from 23rd September Rahu will transit the constellation of Taurus this can indicate the horoscope reading witnessing a lot of confusion and myth and also the mind being surrounded by diplomatic thoughts where an individual doesn’t know what to do in both professional and personal life. At this time having a calm mindset can provide clarity of decision and individuals also have to be extremely patient.


Taurus also has not been much healthy since last year so being a slight conscious should also be considered as an activity for this Zodiac this year. As this year indicates a lot of uphill’s and downfalls and less of constant smooth sailing being patience is the key because being discouraged this year will only bring more stress. Taurus Born has to be strong this year and also consult an expert astrologer time to time to alter some of the malefic effects of the ruling planets.