Taurus famous personality

Taurus famous personality

Taurus is an earth element that is fixed in nature. Ruled by planet Venus are very reliable, have a lot of patience, are responsible for their work and duties, and stable. They love to Spread happiness and are very practical ones. They are not involved in any type of drama, they're more straight forward. This makes them more fixed by nature, they are long term employees and have a very good friend circle. 

There are some enormous Taurus personalities which are absolutely famous, intelligent, and have done something extravagant in their life. They've done very grievous  works in the different freshets, which makes them a Taurus, and you can match your personalities with them. 

They're stubborn but it is the quality that leads them to their achievements. They are very ambitious, and down to earth people. 

Now we will have seen some famous Taurus personalities which have done very well in their life. These are the proof to understand a Taurus zodiac sign. 

John Cena 

John Felix Anthony Cena officially known as John Cena is a very famous pro wrestler born on April 23, which is a sign of pure Taurus. He is strong and powerful enough which makes him choose wrestling as his career. Besides wrestling, he is a famous American actor and rapper also. Taurus sign indicates the symbol of a bull which perfectly can be seen in the power of John Cena, he fights like a bull and shows his energy like a bull. 

Queen Elizabeth 

She is Queen Elizabeth born on 21 April with the Taurus zodiac sign. She has given her 68 years on the throne and also known as the longest monarch of England. She is very strict about her nature which makes her the queen of the country. She reveals the pure characteristics of a Taurus is very intelligent and loves to live life in the way she wants. She is stubborn and less flexible in nature. Due winter in April she loves to celebrate her birthday in June, it shows her mood and rigid nature. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

Famous Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973, he is now a former Indian cricketer and captain. He is a very hardworking man, at the age of 11 he started playing cricket and he was the first man to score one hundred international centuries. He is famous all over the world for his great skills and works, this Taurus man is very dedicated and energetic in his whole journey of cricket. 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Everyone the whole world knows this famous man. Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14th May, 1984 in America, he is a very brilliant computer programmer. He is the one who created Facebook, he is now known as the co-founder of Facebook. He is from a very well educated family, he is a very ambitious, hardworking, and down to earth man. Everyone respects him a lot because of his work. 

Robert Pattison 

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattison officially known as Robert Pattison  was born on 13 May 1986, he is a famous actor, producer, and musician.  He became famous by doing leading roles in the film Twilight which crossed over 3 billion worldwide. He is known for his personality and good looks in the whole Hollywood industry, with his work, proves to be a pure Taurus. 

Arijit Singh 

Famous Indian playback singer Arijit Singh is also a music director, composer. He is well known for his true singing soul, everyone believes that he has a true connection with the music. He sings music in such a beautiful voice that no one can deny listening to his song. He can sing in Hindi and Bengali voices. He was born on 25th April 1987 with Taurus as its zodiac sign. 

What Do they share in common? 


All Taurus' famous personalities show that they are very ambitious by nature, they fulfill what they dream, no one can stop a bull from its passion and dreams. They are fearlessly able to cross every obstacle in their path. 


They've the right amount of energy which is used in the right work to do, they are very dedicated to their goals. They find a job in which they are interested and having fun in doing that. If they lose interest then they lose that job also. They are ready to handle every responsibility and task and never give up. They may get annoyed but never quit. 


Due to fixedness in Taurus sign, people with zodiac signs are very stubborn, they can't get into the words of others, this makes them more successful in their life. They are not fools, they know what is right and wrong for them.  They are proud of their choices and what they choose for them.