Tarot Therapy Reading For Mental Peace: How Tarot Therapy Helps You Heal From Past Wounds?

Tarot Therapy Reading For Mental Peace: How Tarot Therapy Helps You Heal From Past Wounds?

Sometimes you need to destroy in order to create. The nebula needs a dark sky to birth light. The psyche is still a pandora’s box to many people, and healing something that you know nothing about is a challenge in itself. Tarot uses the power to guide your mind towards light and positivity. The harnessing of optimistic energy by your subconscious mind can help you all that has happened in past and carry you towards the future in a slow but sure way. 

 There may be some emotions that you have repressed for so long, that you do not even remember. Sometimes you may feel stuck like you are drowning and no one is to help you. Tarot can understand you when you feel like no one can.  

 At times the Tarot cards have the power to go into the deep roots of the human mind and find the troubles that even the best of medicines cannot. Tarot is very powerful to find the details about the past, present and future of a person. Many Tarot spreads are used to find help in healing from past wounds. 


Here are few ways, tarot therapy can help you heal from past wounds.

#1-It’s the best form of self-love


Many people try to run away from their past, they try their best to let it go. Forget about all that happened. Yet they keep thinking about it frequently. Running away seems futile to them and in the end, they blame themselves for not able to forget what happened. 

 As Rafiki said in the lion king “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

 Tarot is a great form of self-love because firstly it tells you to stop running away from the problem. The problem is running away is you are just running in circles. Not thinking about the problem is very hard, it's human nature. Tarot helps you to face all your problems. It teaches you not to hate yourself and not to blame yourself for what happened. 


#2- It manifests positivity

 Each Tarot card has a meaning associated with it. The various spreads that tarot has can help you gain positivity in your life. Tarot helps you to charge your spirits with optimistic thoughts. It can help you to find calm and peace, in tough times. It teaches that the most negative cards can also turn positive in the next shuffles, so why not apply this in the chapter of life? Use the past as a message from your spirit guides, try to think what they were trying to communicate to you at that moment and act accordingly. Tarot acts as a great tool to decipher their messages. 


#3-Focalise your time

 At present, there is a possibility that you spend the majority of your subconscious thinking about what has happened in the past. You try to string the scenario from various angles. Make the plot, think about what you could have said as opposed to what you said. 

Tarot will help you to refocus your time and point in on a specific task. No more thinking about that shitty ex or the friend that was no good. Focus your energy on yourself. Manifest the best time that you can think of. No more spending your time on the “might have” think about “might be”.


#4-Act on it, rather than thinking about it

 Tarot not only tells you about what you need to change in your life but also tells you about the exact details of it. Once you have made a spread and found reading, don’t just leave it as it is. Ponder about it, think about what could be done next in your life to make it better and wholesome. Any therapy works only if you act upon it and according to it, Tarot therapy is no different. You asked the questions, you have the answers, now act as they say. Try going in the direction they are telling you to go. 


Tarot therapy works great for many people and there are plenty of people who use it in their day-to-day life. Although this does not mean that Tarot Therapy is a substitute for a psychologist, Tarot can act as a great supplement to a trip to a doctor’s office.