Tarot- The art that brings you closer to the mystical and the practical shades of your life

Tarot- The art that brings you closer to the mystical and the practical shades of your life

There is a saying that life is a musical, you just need to select the right songs to live with. Tarot can bring the magic of music into our lives. The skeptics would argue using the rationality of science and technology but there are still phenomena that are around us, that science cannot explain. Emotions cannot be explained, Science cannot talk about hope. Emotions are magic, hope is magic. So the world is woven together with thread by thread by magic.

Tarot Plays with these strings of magic and tells us how the mystifying ways work in the way they do. Science may have no answers for Deja- vu, and coincidences, but tarot has. So even in a room full of Sceptics and fact-checkers, the art of tarot stands tall. The pro that Tarot has to offer its believers is, it does not neglect practicality.

Everyone likes the story of an ordinary person turning into a hero, that why star wars still sell, and kids read Cinderella. We get a hint of extraordinary even in the façade of our day-to-day, seemingly mundane lives. A kid getting the full score, you getting promotions, someone getting proposed, all that is the glimpses of magic in the world. Tarot can play an important role in determining these, to some level. The limited cards of Tarot have limitless possibilities, It on you how much you can explore, so let’s try to check some vantage points you must check while reading the cards, to understand the magical tapestry.

Vantage points while reading Tarot Cards

The universal meaning

While reading the tarot cards you must consider the archetypal meaning. You need to think about how the card can explain the life purpose. Every person has intrinsic energy in them, depicted by their soul. Each soul has a purpose to be where they are and why they are on this planet. Try to analyze why you are where you are. Your guardian angels have the answer and using the tarot cards they are trying to communicate with you.

While reading the tarot cards, take a step by step approach to understanding why a specific card was drawn and what it tells about the life of the person. Each card has a different meaning, so it would be great if you do not rush into finding the meaning of the card. Take your time and ponder about it.

The practical meaning

This view of thinking is focused on the current standing of a person. Where they are now in their life. Tarot reading for a twenty-year-old girl will differ a lot from a Tarot reading for a man who is aged sixty. Reading the tarot cards in such a way that it sits aptly in their life particularly is very significant for their current standing in life. While reading a card, think about how it can bring clarity and insights for a specific person. The Tarot readings cannot be factory-made and generalized, be as specific as you can.

This angle of reading is important as each life is different on its own and each experience is different. There could be two people with the same background but have polar opposite lives. This is something science cannot explain, since all the permutations and combinations of their life are all same. Tarot can explain this jeopardy and you are the messenger so take your time while reading it.

The consequences

If you know the standing and your mistakes, you must own them. Taking action after planning is paramount. You can plan all you want, but if you do not work for it, the planning is of no use. This is the reason that you should take care of the actions that are needed to being the change that you wish to have while reading the tarot cards.

Think about the actions that tarot wants you to take. Introspect and retrospect about your life. Ponder about how those changes will affect your life with an optimistic view towards them and then act for the changes.

These vantage points can be checked for all the tarot spreads and all the topics can be covered by them very easily. The next time you draw a card read the card concerning these vantage points and they will give you more insights about the cards and your life.