The Chariot card is a card with a vehicle being driven by two sphinxes: black and white, with a figure as the passenger. This card has a bit of stellar effect as the figure sits under a blue shade embellished with white stars. This figure, on his shoulders, bears the sign of a demilune moon, depicting the mystic impact under which he is lead.

He holds a crown over his head, showing that he is enlightened and that he holds a pure will. A square is adorned by him on his chest, which tells that he is depicting the earth element, of this materialistic world, due to which he as well his actions are grounded. This card, the Chariot is associated with one of the water zodiac signs; Cancer.

While picking a card, it can either show itself upright or inverted, each of it has a slightly different meaning depending on the reason for the tarot reading.


The important message provided by the Chariot tarot card is about bridling challenges and acquiring triumph by commanding the balance of your surroundings. This balance and control lets the charioteer come out as successful in any state of affairs.

This card helps you to understand that as you strive to achieve your objectives, being strong, determined, and will-powered is salient. These qualities will help you get the better of any circumstance. The right amount of use of these qualities is of prime importance.

He expects you to perpetuate the strength, focus, and credence required by the objective so as to have an effortless process in spite of having a meandering route. This card ensures you, to follow your organized and laid out plan with grit and belief.


If this card is drawn while a “love tarot reading” it is telling you to clear the misunderstandings by taking the wheel in your hand. By doing so, the result will contain boons.

The exact meaning can be defined as; there can be the requirement of stabilizing the urges, which is depicted by the two sphinxes. It tells you, in order for you to get over with your objective it is important to get a hold of the wheel and taking the required measures to maneuver in the right direction.


If you happen to get the Chariot card for career, it means that you hold a clear understanding of your career with appropriate future plans.

As you know your aim, the things required to reach that aim, you will be able to easily get there with some effort and discipline. If you are already in a job and you feel like applying for a position to go up the hierarchy, this card suggests you to take that step boldly as the outcome will be fruitful.


If, while drawing the card, your Chariot card appears to be inverted or reversed it is trying to tell you to let go off the aggressive and powerless nature that is coming in between you and your goals.

This card might mean that there is an absence of emphasis, inclination and drive towards your objectives. This card is trying to make you understand that you may not always be able to get a hold of the situation and you should treat it as a wake-up call and prompt that you have to secure the loose ends and leads your fate.


In tarot reading for love, it might mean that you're whole focal point is to gain love and you have diverted yourself from the other objectives in your life.

You have to remember that when it comes to any crucial thing in life we cannot take control of everything around us; everything has its own way of unfolding, which might not be favorable for you and your process. Do not run desperately behind love; instead let it find you, at the the right time and in the right manner.


While doing a tarot reading for a career, this card might mean that there is a deficiency in motivation and focus regarding your goal or excess of it.

This card enlightens you that neither will the thing you a desire for fall on you by itself without you having to put in some effort and hard work, nor will desperation and too much intensity help you get to it easily. You need to approach your goal in a constant and balanced manner.