Tarot card reading has always quirked our interest, has it not? Even if some of us do not believe it, we cannot deny the fact that Tarot card reading intrigues us, and we cannot but help but indulge in it. But tarot numerology holds true, whether you would like to believe it or not. Tarot cards are divided into two categories being the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

So, what is the importance of fours of the Tarot?

The number four represents foundation, a base, strength and endurance. The number four itself has a grounding energy and the moment we feel ourselves lose control over ourselves, our lives and feel every single thing is just getting out of control, the conceptualization of number four centres us and helps us ground ourselves. We feel much better knowing that we are rooted. In short, it anchors us to the safe ground. Fours symbolize safety and stability, and usually, when the card four appears in your reading it indicates that even when you feel as though you are spiralling out of control, things are definitely not going your way, and everything just seems to be going from bad to worse, the situation will not last for long and you will find solace and security in the end for yourself. Four also represents our family, a unit that is always there to support us when everything else is crashing down.

The number four is a hard worker and works extremely hard to achieve his/her goals. Not only that, but they also dedicate themselves to work, and know that the only path to success is if they work hard for it. It eludes a certain type of confidence and is cautious about the risks that they may take. It is practical and reasonable while guarding its goals and opinions and knows when to take the much-required stand. It bows down to no one and pretty much stands firm in the face of pressure and stress.

Four is associated and related to the Earth which means that they represent stability, peace and security. The energy that four eludes, makes us feel safe and protected. Not only that, but it also makes us feel as though we are secure and well-defended in our life. For example, we have four walls that surrounded us to provide us with protection and security, and that is exactly how four makes us feel. Four anchors us, it keeps us rooted. The energy that is within us when we find our life spiralling out of our control, when we ourselves find that we are losing control, the energy provided by four steadies us, it anchors our energy and calms us down. It allows us to analyse and see, appreciate the formation of the energy being within our control all over again.

The presence of multiple fours in your reading?

The presence of multiple fours during a reading especially when they are too close to each other, may mean that you have chosen to live your life completely safe and without risks, in fact, you are afraid to take risks, which has made you lose out on many things that could have helped you grow as an individual and the part where you actually started the living safe has changed you as a person, it has made you more... stagnant. Not only that, it even indicates that you have been procrastinating for quite some the time now, and all sorts of personal growth has just stopped, you have stopped taking care of yourself mentally because you do not find yourself energised mentally as you should have been. You find yourself to be lost, and you seem to take a lot of breaks, some breaks lasting to be longer than the previous one. You seem to have stuck in a rut, in short. You have to find yourself again, especially by taking more risks and letting yourself be free and to let yourself just go and be happy with whatever you do. It is a huge plunge, but without that leap of courage, you are going to remain unhappy and dissatisfied with your life, you will be just existing, not living your life as you should.