Tarot Cards That Represent Professional Success

In the contemporary world, one of the centric worries that plague people from all walks of life is professional success. A lot of people turn to astrology for answers for their questions related to work, and tarot is one such avenue in the field. Its origins could be traced back to fifteenth-century Europe, where it originally developed as a parlor game. Different European languages had different names for them. In Italian, for instance, is was known as tarocchini. The popularity of the game has lasted till now in some areas of Austria and France. However, to most of the modern world, it is known due to its association with divination, or prophecies. This facet of the cards was unexplored till the eighteenth century when gypsies started using it for predicting the future.

Tarot cards are historically associated with shamans and witches of the west, and they also claim connections with India's Tantricism and with the esoteric practices of ancient Egypt. Since tarot reading does not have an exclusive connection with any faith and is pan-religious, we do find Hinduised decks for the needs of Indians. To be subjected to a true reading, one has to place his or her faith in the cards since they can sense the inner workings of one's mind. Answers about the main events in one's life should be sought, and not those which are about the trivialities of everyday life. The cards can be drawn in two ways-upright and reverse, and this positioning affects the reading.

1. The Magician/Juggler/Magus Tarot Card

An upright Magician card is one of the best cards you could retrieve from the deck. It signifies talent and ableness, and if you are lucky enough to get this reading, your professional life is either going smoothly, or it is about to take a turn for the better. You are a resourceful person who is willing to hustle in life to achieve your goals, and this trait of yours is responsible for your success. Every move of yours is a power move, and your determination shines through in everything that you do. This card predicts a more confident and self-aware you in the future. With a little work on your concentration and your dexterity, you will transform into a valuable employee at your workplace. Your superior analytical skills would also help you realize your dream of being a top professional.
However, if you get a reverse Magician card, you would be prone to confusion, and your work would suffer due to your lack of energy. You would also face commitment blocks and would be in danger of getting demoted.

2. The Emperor Tarot Card

If you have received an upright Emperor card, you are guaranteed to achieve success. It signifies discipline and control and only shows up in a reading when a person always adheres to the rules and regulations. The card is symbolic of wealth and prosperity, so you should start preparing for a luxurious life ahead. It is a good omen, and it represents logic over emotion, which is a good quality in a professional.
On the other hand, a reverse Emperor card could mean bad luck and misfortunes. It often shows up in the readings of those who are manipulative and dominant in their lives and often behave with immaturity in a workplace setting.

3. The Chariot

An upright Chariot card is indicative of victory, like those of brave kings that waged wars against their enemies, and defeated them from their horse-drawn chariots. Those who receive this reading have a unique ability to overcome every obstacle that comes in their path, and as a result, they often emerge as the winners. This is due to their sheer determination and perseverance. Their ambitions touch the sky, and they are not afraid to work hard for them. If you draw this card, know that you are one of those people who are always composed and strong-willed. Your abilities give you the confidence to enter into successful new ventures, more often than not.
You may be a scatter-brain if you pull out a reverse Chariot card, which is evident if the lack of direction you possess in life.

4. The Sun

An upright Sun card radiates positivity and signifies good things in life. It reflects vitality and intellect in a person, both of which are indicative of a successful career. It also represents profit, and thus, if you own a business, drawing this card may indicate that your business would do well in the future. You would lead a prosperous life where you are likely to be your boss. Your health would not interfere in your profession, which would sail smoothly.
A reversed card would mean that you would have along with spell of inactivity which would be facilitated by your laziness. Your career path would also lack clarity, and you might try a lot of different professions unsuccessfully.

5. Six of Wands

When you receive a Six of Wands card in an upright position, you are suited to careers that would bring you fame and fortune. You would be likely to hold a position of authority and prestige, and praises of your integrity and work ethic would be sung far and wide. You would need a positive and supportive environment to foster these abilities and to fulfill your destiny.
However, drawing a reverse card would be indicative of self-doubt and inefficiency in your work life, and also an ill-will towards those who are successful.

6. Wheel of Fortune

This card is indicative of a huge win in your life. Among tarot cards, it is akin to a lottery ticket, since it marks the arrival of good fortune and opportunities in your life. Your life would completely change shortly, and you would suddenly experience great success professionally.
If you draw a reverse Wheel of Fortune, it would mean that your professional life would perennially be afflicted with setbacks. Your lack of commitment would be the cause of your professional stagnation. You may become the recipient of bad fortune and the ill-will of people around you.