Tarot Card Symbols and their Meanings

From time immemorial, predictions made by various astrological methods have always revolved around controversy. However, in many instances, its reliability has also come into the display which leads to believe that a power greater than our existence is presiding over us, handling situations that chalk out the map of our lives. Tarot card reading is one of the most important methods of future predictions, which has gained increasing prominence in recent times. Tarot reading is all about choosing a set of cards from a wide deck, after thinking of an important question, and the symbols on the card give you the answer as each symbol has a distinct set of meanings attached to it. Tarot cards are rich with symbolism and one must understand in detail the meanings of each to know what they specifically signify. Subject to each type of decks, tarot symbols range from numerology, meanings of colors, archetypal energies, spiritual symbolism, and astrology. This article aims to decipher the meanings of a few symbols found on tarot cards. Please take note, these symbols are associated with the Latin Tarot like the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck. 


Minor Arcana Symbols: 

The minor Arcana is made up of a set of 52 cards. These 52 cards are divided into specific suits just like you would find on an original deck of cards. The different suits of the Minor Arcana are swords, pentacles, wands, and cups. Each of these suits is associated with the four major elements- Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.


What Pentacles Symbolise:

Pentacles belong to the well-grounded and the mother of all elements- Earth and are represented by the same. The presence of this grounded element is rooted in the physical world. Thus, when a card with an element of pentacle appears in a tarot reading, it signifies certain details about the customer’s physical state. The presence of the pentacle sometimes also discusses certain information about the physical world the customer lives in. The pentacle card is capable of discussing a variety of topics. These include – Health, Business or trade, Wealth, Prosperity, and Career.


What Cups Symbolise: 

The cups belong to the ever flowy, life-giving, the element of water. To remember its belonging to the element of water we may use the imagination of a cup holding water. Water has always been related to an emotional element and thus the appearance of the cup in a person’s car addresses extensive issues that revolve around the realm of emotions. Again, the cups too can discuss an array of topics. These are- Love and relationships and how they might play out in the individual’s life ( one of the most sought after), emotions and feelings of the individual and how to cope with the extremes, creative endeavors that knock at the door, connections with people around you and the kinds of personal interaction one experiences.


What Wands Symbolise: 

The picture of the wand belongs to the fierce and strong element of fire. If one wants to remember the association, one can imagine the image of a wand shooting sparks of fire from itself. The fire has always been considered as an active and primary source of energy that associates itself with the higher world and the spiritual world. It is also a representation of passion and determination. Thus, the presence of the wand in a person’s card indicates – Motivation and meaning which helps an individual be headstrong, a strong purpose for achieving a goal, High ambition and goals set and ways to work and achieve the same, change in some areas of life and the presence of passion and what drives the individual.


What Swords Symbolise: 

The final symbol, the sword, is represented by the element of air. Since time immemorial, swords have been depicted by swishing it in the air. This imagery may help one remember the element it is associated with. Air is associated with the realm of thoughts and one’s mental state. Thus, the presence of the sword in a person’s reading may depict- a few challenges ahead, big decisions awaiting, certain conflicts and arguments one may face in their paths, the blessing of courage to face challenges, struggles and obstacles, and confrontation with important figures for what is wrong and what is right.


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