Our life has a lot of cycles in it and it rotates in a circular way. All the different situations, events, or scenarios that we experience in our lives rotate in the same way.


All these cycles generally overlap and interlock with one another, confusing us more and more. We have to learn the lesson that these Life Cycles give us.


If we somehow fail to learn the lessons, the same scenario tends to repeat itself. As soon as the lessons are learned, we shift from the previous cycle and start into a newer, interlocked one.


However, we have to remember that the learning and the cycles never stop. All the experiences and lessons make us wiser and stronger in life.


Tarot Cards and Cycle:

Different cycles are depicted in different ways in tarot cards. These cards will help us to see what each cycle symbolizes and the lessons that we have to learn from each cycle.


After all this, it becomes our duty to explore ourselves and see which lessons are worth learning. These cards can give a pretty accurate as well as a painful description of what is likely to come into our lives in the future.


Wheel of Fortune:

The Wheel of Fortune is a card which gives us the lesson that, ‘what goes around, comes around’. We have this belief that time is something that makes us fight battles just to win them and to achieve our goals.


However, time, as well as life, goes around like a cycle. This card will very beautifully teach us how hard work results into success and that our actions will sooner or later pay well.


When Wheel of Fortune is encountered in an upright position, it will symbolize good omen. This will tell that brighter and good days will come in our lives soon.


Karma always visits us when the time is right. The wheel tries to tell that we should wait patiently for the good times to come in our lives.


Wheel of Fortune: Meaning

We normally end up forgetting how we are related to the planets and cosmos. The best example of life’s cycle is given by earth only by changing the seasons.


We for centuries have been using earth to harvest and yield the produce. However, in all this, we forget what all this ageless planet can actually teach us.


When this card comes in front of you, remember that the whole universe is totally on your side and you are bestowed with good luck.


You and the universe both will work together with one another. But, the bond is more like an intellectual and collaborative but not an emotional one.


You are pretty aware of your relationship with the earth and hence work with full dedication and patience in order to give the universe a good amount of space that it needs. This will help the universe to act in your favor and help you achieve your dreams.


On the other hand, when this card appears upside down, you will experience bad luck and might find yourself stuck in a negative pattern.


This card generally signifies a bad phase in your life but should not be taken very seriously. You can actually dodge the effect of this card by asking for help and making things work in your favor.


Try to solve problems that might surface out in any of your relationships or look for any loose end in your life and try tying everything together.


Major Arcana: The Fool and The World

This card is a part of the Major Arcana and talks about the beginning and end of the life’s cycle. This is considered to be one of the most important parts of any cycle.


Cycles are very important because along with telling us about the different energy patterns that flow in our lives, it also helps us make changes. It makes us live a more full and positive life.


Cycles can be good as well as bad and we have to experience them in both ways. But, when certain things keep on repeating themselves, one has to stop and think about their karmas. This particular thing represents the fact that you have not learned your lesson.


The Fool: Beginnings

Beginnings are considered to be interesting times and this time can actually predict what lies ahead of us.


There normally are times when we tend to have the devil-may-care attitude and they end up taking tasks. This marks the beginning of the fool’s journey.


The question that arises is why should someone embark a journey without really knowing what lies ahead? However, you have to remember that in order to start a journey or adventure one needs to have this carefree attitude.


In this card, there is a cave behind the fool that depicts the fact that this journey is not his first one and will not be the last one either.


The cave symbolizes the womb and self-discovery. This card will portray a person who is likely to take a leap and follow its dreams. This is a very interesting journey too.


The World: Endings

This is the last card of the Major Arcana and hence depicts the ending of life’s cycle. The heads of four angles are depicted at the corner of this card. These angles stand for the four elements of nature, air, water, earth and fire.


In the center of the card is the World Dancer or the transformed version of The Fool. It tells how the fool has become wiser and learnt lessons through its adventures.


However, you have to keep in mind the fact that endings are not always painless and full of freedom. This is because endings depict that one cycle has ended but a new one will start soon.


But since the world dancer has emerged stronger and wiser through all the adventures, it is dancing in the clouds and is in perfect harmony with the four elements. It has finally learnt its lessons.