Tarot Card Reading as a Career

Tarot Card Reading as a Career

Tarot Card reading is a method by which one can get their answers to problems, or can know about the different possibilities of the future.

Tarot card reading as a career is a great option if you have the passion for it as tarot card readers have to face a lot of people with their different life problems which can be challenging at times. Tarot card readings differ from person to person. One tarot card reader can give you one answer depending on their perspective of the cards while others might have some different answers to that specific question. So, you need to be very good in communication skills so that you can advise your clients accurately.

Skills necessary to become a good tarot card reader

1)      As mentioned earlier, tarot card readers should have very good communication skills as they have to meet different kinds of people with different life problems every day. Good communication skills also help to interpret the readings to the clients clearly.

2)      Tarot card Readers should know how to handle people’s emotions. At times, people come up with very serious problems and it becomes difficult to handle them. So readers should know how to handle such clients.

3)      Readers should not be too empathetic, otherwise,it will become difficult for them to read the cards accurately. Tarot cards should be read without the influence of emotions.

4)      There should be a lot of passion for this profession and a genuine desire to help and solve life problems of the clients. Without passion and love for this profession, itis difficult to become successful as a tarot card reader. 

Expected salaries of a tarot card readers

Now, the salary totally depends on the experience of a reader. An experienced tarot card reader can charge from 10k to even 50k for one sitting. But in the beginning you can charge Rs 500 or more for one sitting. It takes a lot of time to become popular and experienced in this field.  But hard work and perseverance will definitely result in success. You should be very good at your craft then only you’ll be becoming popular and the only way to become good is by practice.

Advantages of tarot card reading as a career

The job is very satisfying as you are able to solve people’s life problems. Money is also good if one becomes a good tarot card reader. There is very low competition in this field so you can get lots of opportunities if you do hard work and are good at your craft.

Disadvantages of tarot card reading as a career

The main disadvantage of tarot card readers is that there are no proper colleges or schools to learn tarot card reading. So the only way to learn it is through reading blogss, watching Youtube videos or reading books. One can also learn by assisting experienced tarot card readers but there are very few readers who teach students how to read and interpret cards. So, you have to practice a lot to get better in reading. Lots of books and blogss are there to help you but the only way to get better is by practice. This is not something that can be done just by reading books or studying it. So, work hard and practice a lot to become a good tarot card reader.