Tales From Astrology For The Excessive Eccentric-Ex, Find Why Your Ex Is The Worst?

Tales From Astrology For The Excessive Eccentric-Ex, Find Why Your Ex Is The Worst?

Ever felt like standing in front of the mirror and reciting “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Why is my ex-worst of them all”. The mirror might not have the answers, but astrology sure does. The stars know the ins and outs of everything.

 Astrology has the answer to all the questions and the breakup may be hard for you, but finding the answer to this question will not be. 

 So, let’s deep dive into each zodiac and find why your ex is the worst. 

The selfish ones- Aries

 When you asked them to prioritize the default number one was- them. They do not tend to keep the relationship with equals and are very selfish when they want to be. The chant about themselves can make them look egomaniacal. If they had to choose between the relationship and themselves, they would not budge and always choose themselves in a heartbeat. 


The pedantic- Taurus

 Taurus is always right, or at least they feel so. They will not ever accept that they have done something wrong but at the same time, correct the mistakes of others like they were born for it. Any difference in opinion turns into an argument and putting our point across feels like talking to a wall. 


The unreliable- Gemini

 Being in a relationship with Gemini is like swinging to the extras. They can lie with an ear-to-ear smile. Not only they are notorious liars but can be very manipulative when needed. This game of back and forth is better to stay away from.


The mood swingers- Cancer 

 Each day is a surprise, and if they are not “in the mood” the days could turn into tragedies very quickly. They are in touch with their emotions and this could mean that you need to sympathize with every little mistake done and in return do not expect the same. They can play with your heart. 


The divas- Leo

 They can make you feel like the supporting character in your own life. Everything has to revolve around them or they throw a fit. You may feel like you are living in some Indian soap opera, a shitty one at that.


The micromanagers- Virgo

 All you ever did was wrong or could have been better. Nothing is right for them till they teach you how to do it. They love to micromanage everything and after some time, you may crave the approval which will not come. No, they will not take your advice in return. 


The gossipers- Libra

 The fact that you did not clean the dishes is known to everyone that you know. Libras love to talk, and the main topic in their life is themselves and by relation you. So no secrets from everyone. If you were dating a Libra you are an open book they are writing. 


The sadist- Scorpio

 Life was fun and games, but the moment you broke up the mask fell off. Now you may feel like you are in the middle of a graveyard at night. They become plain scary. Being friends with a Scorpio ex is the hardest. 


The ghosts- Sagittarius

 They are masters at ghosting someone. Blocked you on all their social media platforms, no phone calls or messages? Classic Sagittarius. They take a breakup very lightly and do not find it hard to say goodbye. They can be very superficial when they want to. 


The players- Capricorns

 They find it hard to settle down. They can make you wait for a ship in the park with their manipulation. They are the masters of stringing a person along. They demand loyalty but do not think twice before looking for better options.


The flaky geniuses- Aquarius

 They just want to make you feel dumb all the time. They analyze people like maniacs. You may say that you are good, but they will not agree because they do not get the vibe. They pretend that they know you better than they do and play with your mental health. 


The innocent- Pisces

 There is a notion in psychology that no one can be one hundred percent correct. Pisces has the sole purpose to prove them wrong. Everyone around them has some problem except themselves. They can fight with the world but will not change anything about their attitude. 


Whatever your ex did or the way they harmed you, do not overthink about it. Try to look forward to a better future and cut the ties if they jeopardize your sanity. Always remember, you deserve the best!