Take a Look at BTS of Number Cards in Minor Arcana Tarot Readings

Take a Look at BTS of Number Cards in Minor Arcana Tarot Readings

The minor arcana is known to even the newbies who practice the art of tarot. It’s like Romeo and Juliet for the work of Shakespeare. They are recognized easily by everyone, even the people who have no idea about the tarot, but not everyone knows about the meanings of the cards associated with the deck of minor arcana. So, let’s shine some light upon the cards so you could know what they mean. If you know what they entail, you could have a new perspective from the wonderful cards that this deck has. 


The basics of the minor arcana

All the cards are divided into 4 houses of sorts. There are wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Each house has a meaning associated with it. All the action is dealt with the wands. The cups show the emotions. Swords cut through the intellect abilities of all people and pentacles show the material concerns. The 56 cards of the minor arcana are divided into suits which are four in number. Each suite has 14 cards. The order of these suits is very important and they show resemblance with the order of elements as fire then water followed by air and lastly the earth. 


These suits have different meanings


The fire bearer -Suits of wands

This talks about our actions and the growth that we achieve with them. This suit talks about the course of action that we need to follow to get our life path. 


The emotion checker- Suit of cups

This suit is used to see the matters of the heart. The love life of the person is guided using the suit of cups. All the emotional side of a person is revealed by the suit of cups. 


The brainpower- Suit of swords

This suit deals with the matters of the rational world. The decision power of the person is analyzed using the suit of swords. It talks about how important it is for the person to make a decision and reach a conclusion. 


The material world- Suit of pentacles

This deals with the matters of the bargain. All the material possession are dealt with by this card. The finances, career, and the stock's side are seen by this suit. This helps us to analyze the financial trends a person can have in life. 


Energies of the number card

The minor arcana cards are made in such a way that each suite has several cards from 2 to 10 with four court cards- Page, queen, king, and Knight with the Ace Card. Each card present in the suit has a significant position and its related energy. Let's have a look at the energies of the number cards.


The number one in the tarot-Aces

This card shows the number one in a Tarot Deck. The Ace Card talks about the changes and opportunities you may have in the future. 


The number two in the tarot

This card lights upon the harmony you will share with your partner and family members.’ It takes two to make a pair and this card talks all about it. 


The number three in the tarot

While two creates three is what we get. It tells us about the growth we can have from the competition. All the progress that is needed in life is seen through this card. 


The number four in the tarot

It helps in manifesting what you want from life. It represents the foundation you need for a good building of the future.


The number five in the tarot

This odd number shows the instability that we may encounter in our life. The moments of change are shone upon by this card. 


The number six in the tarot

It helps in getting balance in life. If you think your life is very haphazard and has a plethora of random occurrences, the number 6 will be in your tarot reading. Asking you to take a breath and keep striving. 


The number seven in the tarot

Seven is a very important number in nature and also in numerology. Seven is given a significant place in Tarot too. It is the number of hope. If you see this number in your reading, it means to stand and introspect yourself.


The number eight in the tarot

This number represents positivity and change that is good and much needed for a better future. If you see this card, this means your time of achievement is here. 


The number nine in the tarot

This number shows that the work you have planted will now grow fruits for you. Your patience will finally come to an end because you will get the results.


The number ten in the Tarot

This number shows that the rat race we are in has come to the rest for the person who drew this card. They will gain stillness in their life and complete the task they were working for.

For an accurate reading, you must consider both the meaning of suit and the number together. The reading must be drawn with a clear mind.