Sun Signs And The Food They Should Eat To Stay Healthy

Sun Signs And The Food They Should Eat To Stay Healthy


The people belonging to this sign need to eat food that is good for their liver, blood, and brain. This would include beef, whole grain cereals, lemons, oranges, and lamb.

Pisces are party animals and indulge in a lot of gatherings, which they need to avoid. They need to be careful about their sodium intake too as they tend to suffer from bloating. Cutting down on table salts and replacing it with spices will be suggested too.



The natives belonging to this suffer should take food that reduces their blood sugar level and improves its circulatory system. The food items suggested for Aquarius are pears, oysters, lobsters, apples and grapefruits.

Avoiding sweets and carbonated drinks are suggested. This sign needs to have lots of nuts, seeds fruits and vegetables. High consumption of junk food should be avoided. Coffee does not suit this sign and they should consider herbal tea instead.



These people are prone to depression and hence should consider taking potassium phosphate in their diet. Food items suggested to Aries are tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, and figs.

The native belonging to this sign should stay away from spicy food in order to avoid acidity. Drinking a good amount of water to stay hydrated and keep their kidneys functioning should be kept in mind.



This sign is likely to suffer from eye problems and curvature of spines. Hence, the intake of calcium fluoride should be maximum. Cancers are also advised to take potassium reach diet as this will deal with stress-related problems.

The food items this sign should intake are Egg yolks, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Avoiding starch and sugar is suggested so that constipation is avoided. Intake of fruit juices and milkshakes help in controlling mood swings.



Capricorns generally have decent eating habits. They don’t like any disturbance in their eating schedule. Their main preference is figs, spinach, milk, almonds, and fish. Their diet sometimes tends to get monotonous.

It is advised for them to keep trying new cuisines. This sign tends to suffer from bone and teeth related elements. Hence calcium rich food is suggested.



In order to maintain good blood flow, the people belonging to this sign are advised to eat food rich in magnesium phosphate. Food items appropriate for Leos are broccoli, peaches, apples, almonds and sunflower seeds.

It would be best for them to cut down on gluten, fatty, spicy and dairy products. Taking out time from their busy schedule and having meals at the proper time is advised.



These people normally have a very small appetite and have an unusual craving for chocolates and different appetizers.  Gemini are likely to suffer from health problems related to tissues and different organs of the body, therefore, the intake of food items rich in potassium chloride should be done.

Food items like spinach, beetroot, milk, and banana should be included in the diet. It is advised for this sign to avoid coffee, aerated drinks, and yeasty food as this will harm their health.



A good amount of sodium phosphate in the diet of this a sign is advised as it will help the body get rid of waste material. Food items that should be taken are whole grains, oats, apples, tomatoes, nuts and almonds.

Drinking plenty of water should be a regular part of the diet as it keeps the body free of toxins. Libra should avoid alcohol, Meat, Dairy, carbonated beverages, and refined sugar as their skin might be affected by these food products.



This sign needs to take extra care of their diet and nutrition. Food items suggested to them are beets, fish, plums, chicken, strawberries, and corn. They should stay away from alcohol and smoking.

Sagittarius is likely to skip meals and it is advised to them to carry snacks and fruit handling.



This sign should drink plenty of water and eat food that is rich in cholesterol and zinc. Suggested food is avocados, snails, figs, blackberry’s, cauliflowers, fish, and lobster.

Scorpios have good regenerative powers and they should make sure that protein intake in their diet is sufficient.



The sign is prone to slow metabolism and when they grow old. Many people belonging to this sign fight weight-related problems. Hence, they should adopt a diet low in fat, sugar, and starch.

Intake of sodium sulphate in the diet can help to control the excess water in their system. Adding cranberries, cauliflower, nut, beans, cucumbers, onions, and peas is advised. Cutting down on chocolates, cake and pickles is suggested.



Green leafy vegetables, almonds, cheese, lemons and potassium sulphate rich food items should be included in that. Virgos tend to prefer food that is easy to digest. But they need to make sure that high fiber foods like brown rice, lentils, and eggs are part of their diet.

Avoiding cold drinks and chocolates should be done by this sign as it may cause skin and digestive system problems.