Sun Signs And Health

Sun Signs And Health

Predictions related to sun signs are made carefully after analyzing the sun, plants, and birth charts.



Pisces are very sensitive people have their feet, circulatory and respiratory systems might possess some problems. They easily surrender to junk foods and this can lead to weight gain.


Minor season changes also affect their health greatly. Sometimes they might get totally disconnected to the world and this may cause anxiousness in them. The area to worry about is their feet, which may have issues associated with the circulation of blood.


The people belonging to this sign are advised to stay away from addictions. The ailments that they might suffer from are bone spurs, heel bruising, foot pain, or bunions. These people should make sure that they take enough sleep and rest in order to stay healthy.



The people belonging to this sign generally have a weak and fragile bone structure. Therefore, the most minor fall can lead to fractures. The nervous system, bladder and heart may too tend to cause worries in the health of these signs.


The strong point in the digestive system of Aquarius. It can adapt to any form of cuisine. They people are prone to a lot of worry which can lead to brain disorders. However, this sign tends to live in a good health during its old age.


The people belonging to this sign need to be careful about their nervous system, as they are likely to get insomnia and restlessness. They need to have good nutritious diet and make sure to get enough sleep. They are pretty conscious about their fitness and wellbeing but need constant motivation.



The natives belonging to this sign have good amount of stamina, energy and strength. Their health issue is mostly due to overstressing and taking too much work. Aries might be confined to bed when they are too sick.


Your energy levels and mood will fluctuate a lot leading to serious health concerns. You are advised to take care of your diet. Avoid coffee, sugar and intoxicating drinks as these substances act as buffers in your ailment.


You might fall victim to chronic diseases. Some health problems could be high fever, infection in stomach and high blood pressure. Take extra care of stomach, head and kidney. Visit the dentist regularly and take good care of your eyesight too.



You are prone to health problems related to stress, tension and anxiety. You tend to suffer from poor health when mentally tensed. Cancer people are fitness freaks and exercise regularly.


Hence, you find time for your health even in the busiest of your schedules. Health issues in your case will not go away if ignores. So, make sure to take healthy diet. Some ailments you are likely to suffer from are dropsy, piles and breast cancer.


You are prone to skin disorders too. The basic solution to all this is worry less, eat a proper diet and take control over your health.



Capricorns have good resistance to ailments and health issues. Hence, you people will mostly be in good health throughout. This sign produces the healthiest people and they tend to get healthier as they grow old.


Their body might me fragile, especially the bone structure. The only danger they face is from cold, kidney stones and digestive problems. You should keep distance from rich food and alcohol.


You should avoid being workaholics as this can affect your health. You might avoid the signs and hence become self-destructive. You are feared to suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and depression. The most important way to escape from all problems is by being punctual about meals, exercises and regular checkups.



Leos tend to recover fast if they suffer from any illness. They like to live a carefree life and have good stamina. This sign needs to be a bit more particular about its diet and workout.


The problems likely to bother Leos are related to muscles, spine, heart and stomach. The best way to achieve work goals is to have a workout buddy. This sign is associated with long life due to the strong effect of the sun.


The natives of this sign are however prone to long and sudden diseases. These people might have problems related to reproductive organs, sickness in ribs, heart, etc.



The health of this sign is mainly affected due to emotional breakdown and over activity. All this sign needs to do is calm their minds in order to stay healthy. Gemini should keep themselves warm in winters to avoid ailments.


These people do not take adequate sleep and proper diet, thereby affecting their health all the more. This sign is very delicate and hence needs extra care. The natives might tend to get into accidents due to stress and while completing deadlines.


This sign is likely to suffer from infections, respiratory disease, arithritis, etc. Gemini might get affected by cold, fly, cough and viral infections pretty often.



These people prefer to keep an equilibrium between work and health and hence tend to be healthy. However, Libra tends to be restless and overactive leading to stress and nervous exhaustion.


They have poor diet, leading to dry skin, dry hair and insomnia. They are likely to feel tired and overworked most of the time. This sign has a strong skeletal system but might feel some pain in lower back.


The ailments that this sign is prone to are kidney related and disorders related to urinary tract. It is advised to keep a check on the sugar level of this sign at all times.



The people to this sign normally do not have any health related issues in the early part of their lives as this is the strongest sign. However, Sagittarius is prone to over indulge, leading to liver problems.


They need to avoid heavy alcohol and bad diet as they are prone to ailments related to hips, stomach and feet. By adapting to a good lifestyle, they can avoid blood pressure problems.


They need to take good care of their immune system and practice deep breathing to avoid stress and mental illness.



They have good immune system and hence enjoy good health. This sign recovers quickly when faced with any health problem. All they are prone to are accidents which arise mainly due to their nature of taking risks.


They are susceptible to problems related to sex organs, throat, intestine and lungs. Scorpios avoids sharing their emotional problems and hence are prone to psychological issues.


This sign needs to avoids overly seasoned food. Open and fresh air can benefit their health.



This sign possesses great stamina and good physique. Hence, it is unlikely to suffer from any major illness. But once suffered, speedy recovery is difficulty.


The health condition of a Taurus worsens with age. The main reason is lack of fresh air and exercise. This sign needs to urge itself to have healthy diet.


The areas of illness are throat, neck, ears, lower jaw and ankles. The word of advice for this sign is to eat healthy, exercise regularly and take good care of their health.



Virgo has a delicate digestive system and intestines. They have excellent eating habits, and exercise regularly. This sign constantly worries about its health, thus constantly stressing itself.


Their proper eating habits makes this sign prone to diseases and builds their immunity. They are likely to recover easily from any illness. Despite being prone to everything, this sign has some food allergies


The only advice for this sign is to take care of what they eat. They should mediate or do yoga in order to avoid stress related problems.