Home is like a cozy retreat where this sign recharges its emotional batteries. Pisces have good taste in decorations and are very picky. Silk meditation pillows, natural fibers and sea colors are this sign’s weakness. The people belonging to this sign add a feminine touch to their living room by putting scented candles and room sprays. This sign has a flair in photography and one could put up the pictures clicked by them. The home of this sign should be filled with beautiful music and serene colors.



This sign will always want everything to be modern and up to date. They will try and replace all the antiques and overstuffed sofas with contemporary leather sofas. The advice for Aquarius would be to opt for hardwood flooring instead of rugs. This sign can expect a lot of friends coming over hence, having huge space which accommodates a lot people should be available. Since this is a water base sign, the people belonging to this sign should fill their homes with urns and vases. This sign loves roomy spaces with lots of ventilation as it is an air sign.



This sign is very energetic and the color best suited for these people is red. Touches of red and hot pink should be there in their homes or place of work since it will keep this sign motivated. Aries loves to decorate room with symbols for their success or things that motivate this sign. A clean and organized home will help these people focus and will make sure that they meet their targets on time.



This sign is inclined towards cozy, romantic and soothing interior. Since Cancer needs security at all times, the people belonging to this sign is likely to surround themselves with sentimental objects like family albums and hand-me-downs.

Since people belonging to this sign are very homely, there homes will be filled with framed family pictures.



This sign values styles that stand the test of time. Thus, antiques, especially family heirlooms are their most treasured possessions. The best advice to Capricorn is that they should keep and balance of modern and antique stuff in their homes so that it does not look like a junk shop. They are likely to be drawn towards grandfather clock, large armoires, leather sofas or Cherrywood cabinets filled with china. This sign believes in practicality and hence their home is likely to have few stuffs.



Every room in their homes is thoughtfully decorated. Since this sign is rules by then sun, they want plenty of light and will fill their home with potted plants. The home of Leo should be comfortable but classy, just like their personality. Their home is likely to have rich and bold colors like deep red, brilliant turquoise and plum.



Since people belonging to this sign love creativity, their home is likely to look like a mess or very wild. They go for unusual color combinations like orange and lavender, or hot pink and chartreuse. Gemini is an ever-changing sign thus these people find it difficult to be satisfies with one particular look for a long period of time.



Libra has an expensive taste and they love to live in style. The people want their home to look the best and generally possess an impressive book collection, or a huge walk-in closet. The people belonging to this sign love symmetry but too much coordination can look overdone. Having room for friends is a must for this sign.



This sign feels suffocated when kept to stay at the same place. However, their home is a combination of their ever-expanding interests and love for learning. Sagittarius loves outdoors so they try and bring it indoors by installing an indoor garden or fountain. Their home needs a feeling of warmth and inspiration.



This sign doesn’t mind being alone and is very homebound. For them, their home is like a retreat, a place away from the outside troubles. Scorpio uses intense colors that scream creativity. They are advised to seek high quality furniture and simple but striking texture.



They want to live in comfortable and gorgeous place. They love beautiful things and their home reflects this very well. Taurus is elegant without being too stuffy. The people belonging to this sign need lots of rest and hence bed is their most prized possession.



Virgo is never satisfied and their home is always work in progress. This sign loves clean houses and their house is never dirty. They love cookbooks and a refrigerator full of food. It is advised to this sign to have a comfortable furniture, in neutral colors like dove, gray, or white.