Sun in Scorpio - Meaning and Personality Traits

Sun in Scorpio -  Meaning and Personality Traits

Scorpions are the ones who are deadly obsessed with perfection. Walking a mile extra is their way to stand out from the crowd. They are committed to great goals and ambitions which is a sign to identify them. You might find them miserable and weird at times.  

The Sun, being the chief celestial body is all about creating leaders and achievers. Usually, the one who has The Sun as the ruling celestial body is very boosted and fueled up for life. They enjoy everything about their lives and each day is committed to something better. And when The Sun is found in Scorpio, it brings with itself gateways opening to a newer life filled with zeal and enthusiasm. The date of the Scorpio Zodiac is from October 24 to November 22. The Element of Scorpio is Water and is a fixed sign. Famous personalities having Sun in Scorpio are Pablo Picasso, Marie Curie, etc. 

The Personality of The Sun in Scorpio: Decoding  

1)- Passionate: Scorpions when ruled by the celestial body The Sun are passionate. They are highly devoted to their goals and tend to put all their passion and heart into them. As Sun is all about being an achiever and ambitious, when it comes to Scorpio the results are surely great. 

2)- Determined: When the Sun is the celestial body that rules the alignment of Scorpions, the bearers are usually very determined towards their dreams and tend to focus on them. This specialty makes them different from others. 

3)- Individualistic: Scorpions who are ruled by the Sun are mysterious and independent. They don't tend to open up much with people around them which makes others feel that they are being egoistic. They are pretty fine in showing their darker side to people around them until they can. But in reality, they do care about others and even a minor thing makes a difference to them. 

4)- Intuitive: Scorpions who are ruled by the Sun are usually intuitive personalities. So, while you are thinking they are resting, they are figuring out different things. 

Positive Traits of The Sun in Scorpio  

The people who have the Sun in Scorpio are the ones who are true achievers and are open to all challenges, no matter from where they come. Once they are challenged to perform any task, they would not just complete it with perfection but would also not hesitate from walking a mile extra for it.  

The people who belong to this alignment are incredibly patient and maintain a great balance in their life. One might remain around them 24*7 but it is not easy to get into their lives. These are usually introverts and in favor of maintaining distance from others. They are very successful most of the time which makes them a lover of power. They are not moved by fame rather they prefer to perform their tasks in peace and let their success make a sound. 

Negative Traits of The Sun in Scorpio  

Being successful is the boon for the Sun in Scorpio personalities but at times it might get in their head and they start being arrogant about it. They are devoted to giving their extra efforts to the things which drain them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Hence, these people are suggested to not get involved in things beyond a certain level.  

They are true loyalists which makes them obsessed with people they have in their life. Because of this many times, Scorpions tend to cling to people. It is pretty difficult for people to hang with people of this fiery alignment as they are very deep. And it's not easy for anyone to understand them as they don't show their real side to anyone with ease. They might seem to be very cool when you meet them but they are vulnerable as they are already battling unknown chaos within themselves. 


The Scorpions with the Sun as a ruling celestial body are the most passionate and compassionate people. They care about their close ones on a deeper level which makes them stand out from others. They are true lovers and are dedicated to their relationship. But on the other hand, they have a vicious temper and hence all are suggested to be careful around them.