Sun in Scorpio : Hopeless Romantic

Sun in Scorpio : Hopeless Romantic

Although this is a water sign people often mislead it to be a fire sign. It derives its strength from its emotional realm. Scorpio is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive just like its fellow signs, cancer and pieces. Their enigmatic nature makes them appear seductive to a lot of people. 


Life is just like a game of chess for these people as these always think two steps ahead, unlike many people. This is simply because they know what they have to do in their life. They are aware of what they want.


These are not afraid of any hindrance coming in their way and will do anything to get it but will never show you their cards. In this way they rarely loose. They work so damn hard so that at the end of the day these humans feel satisfied and don't really have guilt for not taking the golden opportunity.


Because Scorpio governs the genital area of the body, they don't really take sex just as a pleasure activity. They attach spiritual illumination to sex. Physical closeness and emotional intimacy are two things that these really crave for.


People might not consider them to be sensitive or emotional at all but they are of the opinion that still water runs deep. So they are emotional just like their waterborne brethren. They like to keep it undercover not only their emotions. They believe that secrets can be wisely used the other day.


You need to be cautious of these people as people born under this sign are very clever folks who have great regenerative powers. These regenerative skills can be understood by the growth of a new tail when it loses its one. Obviously, I am talking about a Scorpio.


Scorpio is hungry for power so much so that on a bad day they appear shadowy. Their hunger for control comes from the fact that these people are highly ambitious. This side of a Scorpio is fueled more on a bad day. But these power-hungry Scorpio has to be cautious that in no case they are controlled by their ego. This thing can poison them to another level.


Their faith and dedication are just not restricted to things. You can see their unparalleled commitment to people they love. Their greatest strength is their dedication and devotion to different things.


As I said in the beginning that these rule genital area, they have a high level of lust factor in them. So you need to be mindful. Sometimes they can be extremely lusty.


When the sun is in Scorpio?

It is a deadly combination of such a powerful star with such strong sun sign. Humans with the sun in Scorpio have such a mysterious aura that they do not get unnoticed when they pass by something.


What should you do?

If you want answers to your questions, believe me, this is the best time to dig out all the answers to your questions. Ask lots and lots of questions. Investigate hard by keeping your eyes and ears open.


What to say at this time?

When the sun is in Scorpio say something deeply moving and heart touching to someone you love or maybe adore.


What if you were born with the sun in Scorpio?

You've got tremendous will and determination as you sun is ruled by Mars, the planet of energy.



When its come to a relationship, you do not do anything half-heartedly. For you, either it'ss all in or all out. There is no in-between.



Very few people can match your level of ambition. These people are great at digging answers which are often under the cover. That is the reason these people can be great investigators. So, criminals,  you better watch out if a Scorpio is dealing with your case!



You are extremely loyal in friendship. You expect the same in return. You will be the one in the squad to whom your buddies will tell their deepest and darkest secrets. This is solely because they have the faith in you that you won't broadcast their confessions as hot gossips to other fellow mates. You might even take those secrets to the grave.


The Dark Side Of The Sun In Scorpio.

Their revenge mode is really mad when someone or something they are obsessed with deceives them. They will hold on the grudges for many years.

When they love someone they do not like to stay in the background. They are crazy in love. They have intense desires for intimacy which hurts them badly.

Self-destruction is what they are habitual of doing which can lead to things like depression as well in no time.