Sun in 7th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Sun in 7th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

In astrology, an angular house or Kendra is one of the four cardinal houses. Cardinal houses determine the angle of the chart. The seventh house is one of the four Kendras or cardinal houses. These are considered the most influential or forceful houses as their position on the chart has the greatest impact on an individual’s life.

Aspects of life affected due to Sun in the Seventh House

The presence of Sun in the seventh house affects the behavioural aspects and personal life of people. It affects your marital life. It changes your attitude towards your life partner. Your professional excellence, financial condition, health and social standing are also by the position of Sun in the seventh house. It can have both pragmatic and adverse effects on life.

Positive impacts and characteristics

Natives of the sun in the seventh house have high self-respect. Your confidence, at this time, reaches a whole new level. You will be good at administration. You will also be fit for the position of manager. There is a possibility of scoring a government job. It will take you to great professional heights. Your financial condition will be better than ever. Your daily revenue will increase.

Your health will be affected positively. You will be away from diseases and illnesses. Since this is a house of relationships and partnership, your desire for a life partner will increase. You will have many sexual fantasies. You will feel the need for the support and trust of your partner. If you find the right partner for yourself at this time, you will give your everything to make the relationship work. You would want to spend your entire life with them. Your expectations from them will also increase. You will marry a rich person, who has an influential social status. You will lead a pompous life after marriage.

Your societal status will improve a lot. You will receive respect and admiration from your friends and relatives. Your parents will support most of your decisions, happily. Your in-laws will also be there for you in kith and kin. You will feel empowered by the warmth and affection people will show you.

Negative impacts and characteristics

Natives from house seven will find it difficult to handle conflicts. Just like a tree that is loosely attached to the soil uproots in strong winds, you will feel lost when confronted with challenges. You are very stern and do not budge from your decision. While this is good quality, you will not compromise for anyone. You will believe in only one thing and you will change your beliefs for anyone. This will cause problems in your married life. Your self-righteous nature would be perceived as rude and self-obsessed.

If your partner is unable to fulfil your expectations, you will feel betrayed and worthless. It could make you very rebellious and self-destructive. If your partner goes away from you, you will not be able to handle his absence. You will be shattered.

You will marry a wealthy person but he/she will be very rude and audacious. They will always think that they are superior to you. This will worsen when the sun will be in the seventh house. Hence, this could adversely affect your marriage.

Your health will be good overall, but you might suffer from skin allergies or ailments. You might also suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. So, take all the necessary precautions beforehand.

You will be indecisive and indulge yourself in confusing thoughts. If you are standing at crossroads, you will be unable to choose your path, to continue. You will care too much about the opinion of others about you. You will be deeply affected by others judgement about you.


You will strongly depend on your partner for his love and support. You will have great expectations from him. But, remember this will be a tough time for relationships. So, lower your expectations. Because expectations only lead to disappointments which will affect your mental health. Have faith and confidence in yourself but do not take too much pride in yourself. Do not be an egoist.

Respect the opinions of others but do not let that be the sole criteria for you to judge yourself. Make sure that your relationship with your family members is healthy. Especially, your father and father-in-law. This situation will have both good and bad impacts on your life. So, take care of your mental health. Meditate for better concentration and control over your feelings and emotions. That is all about you.