Sun in 6th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Sun in 6th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

The presence of the Sun in the 6th house is interlinked with the well-being of an individual as well as health. In a broader perspective, the native with the Sun in their 6th house involves their abilities from handling and their capability of refraining from the adversities in life. Mistakes are committed by everyone and we all face certain challenges in life. Failures and shortcomings are a part of life. But what needs to be learned is how we deal with those problems. The way we react to the challenges shapes our personality. The 6th house in Vedic astrology dictates the challenges and difficulties that an individual has to deal with in life. The 6th house represents the fears and the capability of overcoming those fears.

Aspects Of Life affected Due to Sun in the 6th House

  • Aspects Of Career and Profession
  • Personal Well Being and Health
  • Matters of Love Affair and Relationship
  • Financial Aspect
  • Social Attitude

Positive Impact and Characteristics

The placement of the Sun in the 6th house represents how an individual can eliminate the risks and retain personal security. Therefore, an individual who has the presence of the Sun in their 6th house is generally very cautious. They are very particular about their health and follow a strict regime. Therefore, these individuals do not face any major health problems.

The 6th house is also the indication of elevation and success in life making an individual highly responsible. They work hard and are highly dedicated to their profession. The Sun in the 6th house will further elevate this quality within the individual making them move progressively in life. They establish and conquer success in the fields of academics. Being responsible and dedicated makes them push their limits helping them to increase their worth. They are career-driven and will have the urge to outshine their colleagues in their work field.

The natives with the Sun in their 6th house aren’t egoistic or narcissistic. They have a cool temperament and are never aggressive in their method of approach.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

Although the presence of the Sun in the 6th house creates positive impacts on the health and the finances of an individual, it can also be a matter of concern. The natives need to focus on aspects of self-improvement without being carried away by it. They need to take a proper approach concerning their physical and psychological health. It will be required to eliminate the past traumas and their weaknesses to achieve success.  It is only through the method of self-acceptance and improvement on the weak points that perfection can be achieved. They will be able to discover their truth by preaching and practicing loving others and serving themselves to others.

The natives with the Sun in the 6th house are individuals with tough personalities. They can be rigid with their employees. As employers, they can be dominant and dictate on their employees. This may create a hostile situation at the workplace and their employees may not be willing to work with them.

As for the employees who are under the influence of Sun in their 6th house can also be demanding and want a perfect work life. They might have unreasonable standards for their boss. They might expect their boss to be always appreciative and empathetic towards them. This might sometimes can create some problems for them in the workplace.

Individuals with such solar transit are overly conscious about their duties and responsibilities. Sometimes they become too obsessed with carrying out their responsibility. Therefore, these individuals need to be aware of not being too engaged in carrying out the responsibility. Their persuasive nature shouldn’t interfere with their independent thought process. They need to have clear opinions and also work towards fulfilling their responsibility.


The presence of the Sun in the 6th house makes an individual fearful about the future. They are constantly fighting fear and are too scared about inconvenient situations. These individuals are too occupied with establishing security and comfort for their lives. They make amazing heroes and are also great fighters. They fight against the odds furiously without being scared or apprehensive in marching forward with courage and strong determination. They will go to extreme ends just to improve their lives. However, they aren’t self-centered and therefore are aim at establishing a secured ground for their loved ones. These individuals will go to any extent to fulfill their duty which can help them establish a secure environment to live in for themselves.