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The 4th house in Vedic Astrology is also known as the Bandhu Bhava. This house indicates domestic happiness. The house serves as the root of the native and indicates what attaches an individual to its native place of origin. The 4th House comprises property, land, house, real estate, etc. The presence of the Sun in the 4th House is a symbolization that an individual will have great interest in domestic matters.

Aspects Of Life Affected Due to Sun in The Fourth House

Domestic or Family Life

Matters of Relationships

The Social Stability

The Domain of Education

Social Outlook and Attitude

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

One of the biggest positive impacts of the presence of the Sun in the 4th House indicates that the individual will have a greater sense of responsibility towards their family. The person is going to be family-oriented and will have a keen interest in family matters. They will have a strong sense of responsibility and will ensure their family enjoys high status. They are protective of their family and will look into the matter that their family is out of any trouble.

The most striking feature about the Sun in the 4th house is, these individuals are blessed with far-sightedness. They can’t be triggered by small incidents and aims for stable establishment. They retain to their regular activities and will have a prime focus on satisfying basic needs. They strive to move forward by establishing small success. These individuals are highly respected and admired by the people surrounding them.

These individuals are dearly loved by others surrounding them. People acknowledge their sense of responsibility and their kind nature of helping others. The natives who have Sun in their 4th house are not exactly individuals greatly liked by people. Rather these individuals give too much emphasis to their family members.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

The individuals who have the presence of the Sun in the 4th house will face moments in life where they will feel low. They sometimes tend to feel like an outskirt and finds it difficult to blend in with the rest. They sometimes will feel like giving up all the positive traits that they possess and sometimes become self-centered. They will want to focus on themselves than the others. This phase of life sometimes can be too traumatic and difficult for these individuals. However, if they succeed in believing and restoring faith, they can understand the brightness that life has in store for them.

These individuals are greatly influenced by their parents which is one of the most negative traits. The parental influence on them may provoke them to act unreasonably and harshly with their partner. This can cause marital problems between the two. This will lead to disharmony and disruption of peace and love in the marriage.

These individuals are home-oriented and therefore, they can function the best at home. They might be able to handle domestic matters with great expertise methods. Their strong influence on domestic matters may become dominating at the family level. Therefore, these individuals need to be careful.

Sometimes, these individuals become egoistic and narcissistic about themselves. They tend to overestimate their capabilities and end up considering themselves as the best. Oftentimes, their egoistic nature ends up disrespecting others. This can cause them serious trouble as they might engage themselves in problems and make enemies. The love they possess for themselves at the cost of others is not taken positively. They can be put under serious accusations which can damage the image of good reputation they have in society. This might also result in creating some distances and gaps between themselves and the others.


Despite some negative characteristics which the individuals possess they are highly sensitive and caring. They will go to extreme measures to ensure the well-being of their family members. They will take good care of their loved ones. Being protective about their family, they are aware of not being too soft and don’t entertain in pampering their family members too much. However, these individuals will always be there and lend their hand whenever anyone is facing some kind of difficulty. However, these individuals need to learn the art of balancing. Giving more emphasis to their family affairs makes them ignorant about the outside world. Their efficiency may prove to be inadequate in the outside world. Therefore, these individuals need to learn in establishing a stable ground. They have to understand the importance of handling both worlds with equal interest.

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