Sun in 2nd House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Sun in 2nd House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

According to Astrology, when the chief celestial body that is the Sun is found in the second house it relates to "possessions". These possessions could be anything tangible or intangible. On one hand, it includes materialistic things such as a car, bungalow, etc whereas on the other it has intangible possessions such as pride, love, emotions, and other things. This situation is more of into one's behavior towards their siblings, relatives, and other close people to them. The presence of the Sun in the second house states that as the Sun is never partial in shining over the heads of all in the same way these are naturally shining above everyone else around.

The people who have the Sun in their second house are likely to be royal. They have a great amount of money and they like to spend too much on luxury-related things. This habit makes them recognizable among many. 

Aspects of Life affected due to Sun in the second house

  • Social life.
  • Public Image.
  • Mental Health.
  • Physical Health and Strength.
  • Life Goals.
  • Professional life.

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The owners of Sun in the second house are great when it comes to their ethical and moral values. They have high standards which make them wanted amongst the crowd of people. This nature makes many around them be friends with them. Their ethical standards are pretty much rich in values. These people are very responsible for what they opt to do and along with it, they are inclined towards talking sense.

Well, the owners of the Sun in the second house are not only rich in their values and ethics but also amass great wealth. In nutshell, what these people own could be a dream to many. The kind of life these people live is premium yet they never forget to practice gratitude and humbleness to others. They have high self-esteem and confidence which makes them stand out from the crowd.

The owners of the Sun in their second house have a great amount of wealth but despite that, they are not into flaunting it unnecessarily. They have a huge interest in giving their friends and family the best. They incline to art and nature's aesthetic. They are much into the things which add value to their being rather than focusing on hollow things which are of no use to them.

They are known for their intellectual understanding. This is one of those which makes them admired amongst the group of people. These people are even admired for their way of tackling any situation. When it comes to commitments and promises, these are unbeatable and hardly anyone can match their standards.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

The owners of Sun in the second house must understand it for the fact that they should not spend too much on luxury items. Having a keen interest in quality is one thing but accumulating this for no reason is different.

These people are too much into their values that they only opt to choose right over efficiency. They should realize that at times we have to adopt doing things that are not acceptable by others for their betterment. Situations like this might become a hurdle in their growth.

When it comes to their sense of security, this fascinates the bearers a lot and they end up being in their comfort zone rather than pushing their limit. This is one thing that binds their growth and makes them stick to situations like a plain career graph of personal life. Therefore, it is recommended to them to stretch their limits and try to become their better version regardless of whatever the situation is. Nobody has reached the threshold of their growth by sitting in the lapse of security. You are too much into security that in future it can be dangerous for your career too.

It is however recommended for you to focus on growth despite whatever it takes from them. This would even increase their popularity which is their first love. Along with this, they should also put interest in spending less money on luxurious things which might not be beneficial in the bigger picture.


The bearers of Sun in the second house are the ones who are inclined towards perfectionism and all those things that a royal person possesses. Undoubtedly, they are indeed worth it. But in this era, it is not a compulsion to be perfect always; rather one should focus on things that lead him/her to grow and also over the things which might not hinder their paths to their callings.