Every color carries its energy and radiation which impacts our mind and psychology in a certain way. Right colors can invoke the feeling of joy, happiness, and calmness and can bring out the reverse feelings too if used in the wrong way.

Vastu is the scientific practice of understanding the energies governed by the Panchatantra elements- Air, Water, Fire, Sky, and Space. Vastu is based on channelizing energies in the right direction while constructing the architecture. It gives right and precise information based on directions, patterns, and radiations.

Colors applied after considering Vastu plays a significant role in bringing peace, well-being, and prosperity and stimulate the right energies. Therefore, one should take care that colors used in the room relate perfectly with the elements and their directions.

Color possesses our mood and highly impacts our productivity channel and energy levels. Vastu shastra prescribes certain colors for specific directions which are considered to bring prosperity and good health to the person. The color scheme integrates several patterns and the combination of colors.

Vastu knowledge helps in maintaining the balance between energies in such a way that it will generate positive vibes in the environment. According to Vastu there are different colors and they all possess different energies, for example, green gives you relief from anxiety while yellow makes your memory sharp and pink brings mental peace. Essential features of life and human energy are greatly affected by the psychology of colors.

Your bedroom is your personal space from which your day starts. It should set a good mood and tone when you wake up in the morning. Vastu will help you in selecting the right color for your bedroom which will bring good vibes with lots of positive energies in your space. So, we have listed up several colors that you can try out in your bedroom and give the right direction to all of your energies.


Known for prosperity, green color acts as a soothing element to sore eyes. Even medical practitioners also recommend adding green color in the bedroom as it not only brings peace to mind but also steers the thoughts in the right direction. While the light green color indicates good luck. The dark green color is often considered to bring relaxation to the mind. It helps you in healing and getting out of depression. One can easily see the impacts of how color affects the psychology and the working of the mind. You will feel more connected to nature.


The royal color stands for purity and solidarity. Often considered as a symbol of wealth, purple indicates chivalry and strength. As purple does not occur naturally in the system, they represent the exotic element. One cannot take their mind off with the sheer magic and nobility this color has on the person. Purple indicates the richness and deepness and thus evokes the feeling of sensuality.


Blue stands for the serene values that can instantly lift your mood. The perfect shade to keep you elated and joyous all the time. The light tone of blue brings peace to your mind. The color represents the stability and calmness in general thus often seems to give the feeling of tranquility. The blue color is best to beat the heat of tensions and evoke happy emotions. However, one should avoid using blue color in smaller areas as it can make a person feel claustrophobic.


Gorgeous grey is perfect for any room. The subtle and cool effect will make you feel surreal and compassionate. The color stands for protection, sensibility, and accuracy thus rational beings get more attracted to it. Available in different shades, one can choose the grey tone to match their personality. It represents the extraordinary and mysterious side of the person. When combined with the right feng shui, it gives tremendous results.


Stands for the earthy element, brown brings out the reliable nature. The light shades of brown are perfect for nurturing behavior. It stands for warmth, comfort and the solid nature gives out a sense of security. You can combine it with blue to experience the serenity and calmness of both the colors at once.


This calming color stands as a symbol of love across the globe. Pink represents amiable feeling along with giving space to joyful and creative instincts. Pink gives the artistic vibes and helps a person to experience the peace of mind. Pink also gives a refreshing feeling as it represents the blooming springtime flowers.


Red can bring a sudden source of excitement in you. The color stands for warmth, passion, integrity that every bedroom should have. Red can make you feel comfortable and excited at the same time. It can bring a sudden change in your mood and energy level. However, try to avoid pure red shade as it can also give you anxiety.


Yellow is a bright and intense color that can easily grab your attention. It represents the welcoming nature of the person and the vibrancy it carries is enough to make you feel happy for the entire day. It will fill you with the feeling of positivity, happiness, and content. Certain colors heavily influence the mood and Yellow is one of those colors. It will make you feel instantly energized. Add a glow to your space with a tangy tich of yellow.

9.Pastel shades

With each color having a distinct vibe, it is impossible to have a thought of pastel shades for your bedroom. They are neither too sharp to evoke the temperament nor too dull to lose the excitement. If you are the one who wants a medium tone for your bedroom and something which will make your bedroom look expressive and welcoming at the same time, you can go over a palette of pastel shades.

Adding colors to your room as per Vastu can help you avoid several issues related to health and finance. Add these colors to your bedroom to bring peace and prosperity.