Relationships are not meant to become bitter with time. They bloom according to the pattern that they have been set on. There will always be hurdles and difficulties while climbing a beautiful mountain but when you maintain balanced teamwork and make sure to open up to convey and share the problems, the company becomes ethereal and the feeling of enjoying life gets a meaning. When a relationship turns out to be toxic, the changes and turns the whole beauty of the love story. And it becomes even more difficult when you have to deal with them in all possibilities. In a relationship, if you feel that it is an effort that is being delivered from only one side then the outlook towards seeing it, needs to change.

Here is some subtle yet strong signal that might turn out to be an indication that you might be in a toxic relationship:


There was a time when the partner used to be like a pillar of support around you but the time seems to have come to a halt. It is in a positive human aura that a person feels happy when the other rises or gains achievement and when this feeling turns out to jealousy and competition, it comes to the position of being toxic.


There should be compassion and love while keeping each other happy in a relationship. But if that relationship gets saturated with rude words, lousy statements and hostile behaviors. There might be situations where you might even tend to create a sense of ignoring one another.


Naturally, an individual goes through the point of being jealous and envious from every given time. That is a normal human tendency that they abide by but the problem starts when it starts controlling the relationship. It even holds the power to end a budding and happy relationship as well.


A free should be free and pure above all the queries that come to the mind that tends to make people upset. When someone does not text you in the time limit that you want, you might get your emotions out of control. That is an immense contribution of toxicity in a calm relationship.


The situation that overpowers or harms the relationship is the anger or the resentment that the individuals hold against one another. It slowly rips off the strength of the intimate bond making it loose with time.


If you find that you are forgiving the person for the lies that they have formed around you, be it about anything from where they are in the present situation or their whereabouts. That is a clear warning for a relationship that is already become toxic.


When someone forgets your birthday, it doesn’t affect much but when a partner forgets your birthday, it hurts profoundly and when it continues for every birthday or occasion, that is an indication that the disrespect has already made its way into your relationship.


No life is free of stress and nor is any relationship. Every relationship goes through definite ups and downs which causes stress with time but if you always find yourself floating over the ocean of stress rather than the universe of peace then it is an indication that something about the relationship is not stable or right. Stress not only affects your mental health but also takes a toll on your physical well-being.


It is never necessary to do what your partner wants or wears what your partner wants you to wear. When you both go on a date and he/ she orders something, it is not mandatory to order the same that they have just ordered and if they see all of these and tends to ignore the level of comfort that you deserve then it is a stern indication of toxicity dwelling in the relationship.


When you find your life around a toxic relationship, you might invest more of your time taking care to recover it. While doing that, you often overlook to take care of yourself in the process. You might detach yourself from the different passions that you once loved or also ignore your health. You might also sacrifice your own “Me” time to make your relationship work out.

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