This Lunar Eclipse is the third eclipse of the year. It will occur on the 5th of July, 2020 in Capricorn.  It is also known as a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse is also known as Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Due to the ripening of strawberry crops in June, especially in the United States, it derives the name from there.

Capricorn, being an Earth sign, is not stable to carry on with the influences of the Moon and thus, giving in to its effects.

It will be visible in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Pacific, Antarctica and West Europe.

It will affect the zodiacs- Taurus, Libra, Virgo and Capricorn. As per the effects, the zodiacs will feel something is burdening on them due to the strong influence of the Moon. These signs need to be very careful, they need to hold on to the spiritualism rather than holding on to the materialistic pleasures. Moral values towards family, friends and relatives are very important.

Full Moons have a strong influence over the emotions, a person goes through. When the energy of the Moon during the eclipse is powerful, let to be free enough to mould your life. If you give in to resistance, it causes adverse effects.

Intuition grows stronger during these periods. You can feel the sense of sensitiveness, psychic thoughts along with the uneasiness. Stress occurs due to the unwanted events that coming to an end, taking us towards freedom.

There is also a positive side to this. Creativity and artistic thoughts come to focus.

Eclipses and the effects over each Zodiac:


There will be a shift in the thoughts for the career. Due to the government enforcement, there will be new laws adopted by your company. There will be a strong effect on your family. It is advisable not to have a shift in the work pattern till 12th. Any shift can cause havoc outcome.


There will be a different route taken when it comes to the judiciary or anything legal. There will be a loss of money. You will be inclined to the universe more spiritually and would always indulge yourself in learning and education. Take adequate sleep to gain an apt focus over the physical world. There is a change in the shift of your energy.


You and your person will be strongly affected due to the eclipse. There will be drastic changes when it comes to financing. You will come through changes that involve death. Death is personified here. It can be a message through dreams for a big change or topics on death or afterlife, involving close people.


There will be a judgement regarding your relationship. It will go through a test. There is excruciating pain that needs to be dealt with. There will be ups and downs between you and your personality that will shake your soul. The pure connection can overcome this storm. The other ones are destroyed.


There will be a great shift when it comes to a job. Opportunities related to employment will be a great thought. There might be a shift in the medicines, doctors and the food intake. These are not any normal changes. They will affect your philosophical perspective. You will harbour a new way of thinking, changing the route towards a new future.


There will be a big situation created involving children. You need to understand their point of view. They might undergo situations, they have not yet spoken of.  You must take up the responsibility to show them the right direction. They might be suffering from issues with socializing.


There will be a huge shift when it comes to home, life and job. Despite the judgement and anger of the family, there will be a lot of compassion altogether. The dream you are creating for your life will be fruitful. It is advisable to hold on to your dreams even if the current of life is flowing in the opposite direction.


There will be obstructions and huge disappointment in the education institution, related to you. Changes will be occurring in the sphere of education. There will be problems with vehicles and electronic objects. It is advised to be careful while driving and it will be best to stay at home. There will be a big change when it comes to your belief system.


There will be a huge shift when it comes to the financial sector. You need to gather lots of information, make vivid research and go through everything to make minute changes in your work as well as your life. Your partner will also go through a financial crisis.


This will be highly effective when it comes to your sign. The outward life towards socializing would be good but there will be huge shifts regarding love life. You will undergo a change of filtering people in your life who do not serve the highest good. This is a positive affirmation t a sorted life. Think about things before making decisions and make sure to choose what the best is for you.


There will be shifts when it comes to spiritualism and it will all happen normally. There might be a shift at the jobs and it will be good. There are situations involved with children. Stay away from technical departments or objects which you are not comfortable with.


There will be drama when it comes to friendship and big revelations would take place. You will be involved with organizations supplying levelled promotions. There might be stress concerning children and family. That won’t cause much of a change in your family life as far as the other sectors are concerned.