Stop imitating habits of successful people, it’s killing you

In a world of 7 billion people, we always look up to each other. Everyone has a different lifestyle and they are unique in their own amazing ways. Every single person on in this earth has something the other doesn’t acquire and that makes you want more, desire more, wish more and some way or the other change ourselves to look more like them.

Looking up to someone and imitating their habits are two different things. You completely try to dissolve your inner mind and intellect to be like someone rather than imbibing the better aspects of them that don’t really harm you at any cost. You cannot become that individual because they have their own personality, value, trait and what you lose in the process of becoming them is the inner self that was your own identity. You feel the need to eat like them, look like them, post photos like them and think that all of this will garner as much popularity, fate and stardom and it will work exactly the way it did for them but you end up losing your own personality and breaking yourself down.

Copying and imitating makes you dull:

Celebrities, sportsmen, artists around create a world which is very public to the audience, what they eat, drink, exercise and their daily routines are recorded by many newspapers, journals and blogs and are often covered as highlights wherein people are free to see, read and soak up all the information. At an extent, being this transparent works but their position has an even deeper impact than they thought. They don’t know that somewhere who is a little more gullible has stopped eating just to look like their favourite actor, or started dancing at the edge of their terrace or have also started behaving the way they see their favourite idols on the television. This only blocks the creativity they instil, making them dull and a photocopy of someone’s identity. Following the same path doesn’t help you in anyway because then your struggles and passion will be definite and not something you built on your own, it will have a goal of becoming someone.

No one can define success:

The best way to define success is when you are happy with whatever you have. Once you achieve your Goals you set new, you feel that money, fame and respect is a scale by wincing you can measure everything in your life. You see many influencers on the cover pages, or major families promoting high-end luxurious products that helps them to shed some extra kilos which may set certain Body goals or a mindset of a ‘perfect’ desirable image but for those who are struggling to get into certain measurements and are already happy in their jeans feel they aren’t enough, and start doing things or fitting extensive work out routines because they saw their favourite influencer transform. Getting to look like someone or trying to get into their shoes takes In a lot of effort leaving you unsatisfied and disappointed when you don’t achieve the same results as they and you start to demean your self. Which is the biggest mistake you do when you are on that path because you aren’t aware of the side effects that can damage your mind forever, the extensive workouts are easy to read, the low-calorie intake might look good but all of this is because they can manage to do whatever they want to give the resources they have, trainers on duty all the time, dietitian on-call chefs a call away and there basic needs are dependent on looking good. That changes every aspect of hoping to be like them.

Success isn’t the end

Having your own struggle means that you become even more strong and mature. When you start to evolve as a person and not copy people who might have had a different struggle getting to the position, the place they are in will only make you weaker and immature.

Here comes the role of autobiographies. Books and magazines written on people who have done work which is worth writing down and being published to be read by the whole world is something that gives you a deep insight on how people like them can actually evoke something if they have the will and determination to actually succeed and create their own path and estimation. Their autobiographies are a way in which you can actually change your thinking process and work orientation. They needed felt to fill in the shoes of their idols and tarts which have had success in their life but believe in their own way of life. They may be college dropouts or, school dropouts or might have had felt the need to leave their homes to become something with less money and more creativity filled in their minds and that might have worked out for the. They might have had to lose a certain weight or work night and day just for a commercial but it is their struggle, their idea of success.

We as normal people don’t necessarily have to run blindly behind their shadows and end up doing the same. It might have worked for them but it’s not a yardstick by which you need to measure your life and struggles. Things will be different for you, maybe you don’t have to lose your weight so as to look like you favourite personality or you don’t have to start going on a diet to attain a certain body image and a specific outcome.

Always believe in yourself because your life is different than others, whatever is hard for you may not be hard for them, or vice versa. But first try to be your own self, the first of you and create an image that inspires people to be themselves and not a carbon copy of someone who eventually empties their inner creativity and innovation.