Steps to a 'plastic-free life'

Steps to a 'plastic-free life'

With the impact of a deadly epidemic, COVID-19, the world has taken a cautious leap all the way, in order to survive 2020 — and perhaps who knows the exact period this wearisome would last. We as living beings with fleshed skulls and definite inventions are the reason behind such poison in the air, entering into our homes, spreading across the globe and basking in to plague the underprivileged.

In the past, we were constantly reminded of slogans absorbing on social media platforms, 'go plastic-free', 'ban plastic', and so on, but we managed to do one thing — (ignorance is bliss) while encountering expected aftermath. However, some of us perpetually learn to eavesdrop the truths. That's what we were born to do.

Now the time has come. Not the time to relax and see the world get destroyed but rather save our beautifully God-designed and man-destroyed mother earth by doing little things that will save mankind. After surviving nature's worst wrath, it's the time of era where we take 'plastic-free' slogans, seriously, not just as mere slogans smeared across big white banners or the internet but also imbibe in our daily lives. 

Here are eclectic steps to live a 'plastic-free life. 

Reusable bags

Over the past few years, reusable bags have gained popularity in India. The idea of such bags is making shopping habits convenient and fun. Tote bags are easy to use and look super attractive to carry. For emergency needs, chico bags can come to your rescue due to their synthetic essence. You can store a bunch of bags in the car's backseat and reuse them as many times as you like. 

Give up plastic bottles

Time and time again we are often reminded of plastic bottles and it's ill effects. Since they are made from harmful resources, it puts human lives into danger. Opt for steel bottles for a safer drinking water experience. Simply don't attract poison in your body's internal system. Manufacturers making plastic bottles are gaining a tremendous amount of money for commercial purposes.

Reusable utensils/drinking straws

Eating street food can bring millions of childhood memories back to life, but eating your favorite street-snacks like 'pani-puri' or 'sev-puri' in plastic containers will worsen the situation. Since reusable utensils are easily available, opt for one while munching street-snacks. Carry steel spoons, bowls, and cups for a healthy outdoor-eating. This won't cost much to save one's life.

Solo ice-cream cones 

Living a 'plastic-free life' is not very difficult. Start with baby steps. Avoid freezing ice-cream containers and bask freshly made vanilla or chocolate ice-cream scooped in vans or nearby stores. Treat yourself once in a while, new flavors melting in your mouth like honey heaved from the comb of honeybees.

Cut that fizz 

Cut down on plastic bottles filled with beverages and sodas. Instead, relish freshly-squeezed fruit or vegetable juices at home.  To fill your occasional cravings, buy glass bottles.  Sometimes scorching summers can drive you insane by the fizzy thirst.

Kill those frozen foods

One of the toughest tasks in life is giving up favorite frozen foods. This is not easy for people who commute to work daily where they struggle even with basic meals of the day and night. The truth about these frozen foods are packed with a harsh reality — 'packed with plastic in reality'! It is not just lip-smacking delicious but tremendously harms your health.

Fruits and vegetables 

Shop fresh fruits and vegetables in your own reusable baskets. Some shopkeepers lag behind in basic hygiene routine, let alone giving items in plastic bags. Do little acts of charity by returning their containers to them. Berry and little cherry tomatoes will slide safely into your reusable containers or tiny reusable handbags.

Butcher shops

Butcher shops are filled by filthy bacteria of slaughtered animals. Bring your own containers to such shops, since you don't want the same dead-animal bacteria glistening butcher shop's own plastic bags entering your homes. You can buy storage plastic-free containers for poultry spread available in offline or online stores.

Bakery stores

Hollywood television shows and movies add glamour to grocery shopping, in a western language, they do. While some bakery outlets down a few miles the street pack fresh bread and bakery items in tanned fashionable paper-bags that have the ability to hold more than 5 items altogether. In case, these paper bags are unavailable, bags made out of clean cloth do a thing to keep bakery items fresh and safe. 

Returnable milk bottles

Milk glass bottles are safer when they are placed and returned in glass containers. But make sure head-to-toe is covered with glass. Some areas that provide milk are often packed with plastic caps bringing much harm to consumption.

Unwrapped cheese

We cannot do without cheese, and when it comes unwrapped in large portions, it's even more fun to scuff cheese over plain pasta sauntered in white sauce.

Chewing gums

Almost every chewing gum you've chewed in your life is made out of plastic. Just imagine? The fact that you chewed on plastic, once in a while swallowed it as well. However, there are healthier chewing gums that are not made from plastic.

Anti-plastic dish wash

Replace plastic containers with sponges or baking soda. Instead of filling liquid dish-wash in plastic bottles, use a soap bar in steel bowls. Sponges, baking soda or soap bars tend to save space near the basin.

Natural rubber gloves

Natural rubber gloves are safer than plastic hand gloves. Besides, they don't pollute kitchen basins. Many are opting for pairs of rubber gloves made with cotton flocking and latex.

Act, don't just say!

These little acts can add value to our lives if followed daily. Let's religiously work towards making the environment free from toxins while preventing them from entering homes of people. They not only harm human lives but gravely hurt the animals and endanger the water-life. Lets' make our lives plastic-free as much as possible before it pollutes our minds as well.